5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

The World Wide Web has limitless potential. However, realizing the promise requires providing stable and reliable solutions in an environment that is inherently fluid and unstable. Web administrators frequently face a variety of difficulties that cause websites to go down or give users a bad experience. Here are some of the most common web hosting Challenges, as well as efficient solutions to overcome them.

Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

1. Slow Website Loading and Navigation Speed:

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

Enterprises pay a very heavy price for slow-loading websites.

Users are unlikely to return to a website that takes too long to load or has poor internal navigation. Three out of every four online visitors will leave a site that takes longer than four seconds to load. To make matters worst, slow website load has a negative impact on Google ranks, leading to a downward cycle.

The best hosting companies use a variety of strategies to avoid websites from loading slowly:

  • Locating redundant servers across the world. The physical location of the data center hosting the website influences the page load time in a significant way. The nearer the data center hosting the server from the user’s location, the faster the load time of the website.
  • Make use of quality hardware and infrastructure, to reduce network latency to the extent possible. Network latency is the time taken for a packet of data to reach one point, from another point.
  • Offering Content Delivery Network (CDN), which makes available cached versions of the static portions of the website at optimized speeds, to several locations

2. The Challenge of Maintaining Uptime:

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

Web hosting thrives in dynamic situations. Server failures and other problems are a part of life. Downtime, on the other hand, is fatal in the web hosting market, and can even mean the end of a client’s business.

Web hosting businesses must maintain a minimum uptime of 99.9%, which is the industry standard. Any downtime that exceeds 10 minutes per week is fatal. Hardware or software failure, security breaches, and administrative errors are the most common causes of unplanned, emergency downtime. Planned downtime, for inevitable maintenance, is best performed at night or off-peak hours when the website visitor count is usually at its lowest.

Web hosting providers strive to maintain high uptime and overcome the challenge of downtime by:

  • Deploying stable software, and updating it regularly, to prevent software failure
  • Deploying high quality and proven hardware components
  • Undertaking periodic software and hardware audit to pre-empt obsolescence.
  • Offering online support on a 24×7 basis to clients, to resolve client queries and issues promptly.
  • Offering FAQs, user forums, and other forums to share knowledge, for the speedy resolution of issues, and even preempt issues through timely client action.
  • Ensuring sound network security
  • Ensuring adequate protection from hazards such as floods and fire at the physical data center location

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3. Challenges of Providing Scalability

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

E-commerce businesses and website owners today need highly scalable resources. However, web hosts are often unable to give it.

Many web hosting companies suffer from dated infrastructure, such as old server hardware, outdated software, a narrow broadband connection, and inadequately skilled support staff. Such restraint imposed a resource crunch, which impedes scalability.

Even if there are no issues with the software or hardware, the restricted resources available or the data center’s architecture may cause bottlenecks. Emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data offer limitless possibilities, but they also place tremendous demands on resources.

Inability to scale up resources as needed can lead in websites bouncing due to unknown restrictions, inability to log on to the mailbox or send email attachments, and limits being imposed with no way to mitigate the situation. This equates to missed opportunities and a bad end-customer experience for clients.

Successful web hosting companies include:

  • Overhaul their legacy infrastructure from time to time to ensure they are equipped to meet the demands made by emerging technologies.
  • Identify the gap between requirements and infrastructure capabilities, and work towards filling the gap by provisioning the required hardware and software.
  • Upgrade staff skills through training and other interventions, to ensure they are competent to do the needful when required.

4. Security Challenges

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

The security sword of Damocles hangs over web hosting companies at all times. Cyber-breach is the norm these days. Breach costs a lot of money in terms of sensitive data loss, crippling regulatory fines, loss of trust and reputation, and so on.

The failure of web hosting companies to limit URL access is a common mistake. Unauthorized users may read sites they should not have access to if such limits are not in place. With such access enabled, attackers may easily forge URLs to access hidden pages.

Many web hosting companies provide shared hosting as a low-cost option for their clients. Sharing an IP address among clients, on the other hand, means linking many domains with a single server. When a client is banned as a spammer, all other clients that share the same IP address are also blacklisted.

Web hosting companies may overcome the pressing security challenges by:

  • Deploying the latest and state-of-the-art security infrastructure, including firewalls, networking monitoring systems, and more
  • Implementing Secure File Transfer Protocol (STFP) to plug loopholes
  • Blocking all file types not served by the application.
  • Create an access control matrix that stops unauthorized users from viewing content.
  • Implementing strict access control mechanisms at the data center to prevent rogue insiders and unauthorized attackers from taking physical control over critical web assets.

To run their everyday operations, data centers make use of a range of physical and digital resources. Highly effective providers are constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure that the deployed resources are performing as expected. They also strive to ensure proper management of day-to-day operations, undertake prompt and periodical updates, and attend to maintenance issues promptly. Last but not least, they never underestimate the value of a skilled team with experience and expertise.

5. Customer service that is slow or unresponsive

5 Major Web Hosting Challenges and Solutions

You may need to contact customer service at some time. They must quickly respond to your issues and resolve your problems so that you are not left hanging in a serious situation (for example, when your website throws a 503 error).

Is your host available through enough communication channels? Is the staff kind and well-informed? On the contrary, if have you experienced a lack of reaction, no answer to emails, a too busy tone, poor knowledge, or unresolved issues, these are bad signs. They indicate why you should select a different web host. Poor customer service is unfortunately a common website hosting issue.

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