9 Web Hosting Tips You Should Know (Before You Buy).

Finding good hosting is crucial to any website. They serve as the foundation of your brand, website, and company. Everything you’ve created over the years could potentially suffer and be lost by a server crash. If you are serious about your website, you need to make sure they are in good hands.

Nowadays, it might be difficult to pick between web hosting providers, especially as we are always overwhelmed by tempting promotions web hosting companies are throwing at us.

Here are some suggestions to help you become a more educated customer when purchasing your web hosting service.

9 Web Hosting Tips You Should Know.

  • Free Domain.
  • Separate Domain and Hosting.
  • Read Those Terms for Bandwidth and Disk Space.
  • Unlimited Storage’s Catch.
  • Learn more about them by doing research.
  • Buy and Save with Coupons or Commission Rebates.
  • Make your own backups.
  • Use a One-Time Credit Card or PayPal.
  • Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless You Trust them.

1. The “Free Domain”.

Free domains certainly seem attractive, but before accepting the offered ones, you may want to consider these things:

1. Who is the domain owner? Although the domain is free, ownership with the hosting provider. Why does that matter? You’re either stuck with the company forever or you need to pay a hefty sum to buy the domain back.

2. What about the next renewal years? Although the first year is free, they will charge $19.95 or more to renew it. That markup is around 200% of the average domain name price.

Web Hosting

It is preferable to ask questions throughout the research phase to assess who will hold the domain and verify that the standard renewal fees are acceptable.

2. Separate Domain and Hosting.

The registration of domain names at the same company is not required. Don’t take us the wrong way; we are not implying that your current web host is not trust-able; it’s more about finding a dependable and trustworthy registrar right from the start.

The domain name, which is your online identity, is ultimately your most expensive and irreplaceable asset; hosting services are only there to host the website.

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For the sake of convenience, you may argue. Web hosting providers would prefer that you register your domain with them as this is their other, as it is their other profitable revenue stream.

It won’t be as handy, though, if the web hosting provider decides to go down together with your domain.

We listed many Cloud hosting companies’ plans

  • Malware Protection.
  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • cPanel Control Panel.
  • Daily Backups.
  • 2 GB memory.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

3. Read Those Terms for Bandwidth and Disk Space.

People looking for shared web hosting sometimes ignore terms like bandwidth and disk space.

What if my website suddenly attracts hundreds or millions of visitors? is a question you should ask yourself. Will, I pay a hefty charge for the huge data transfer?“

Of course, most of the websites won’t exceed their bandwidth limit due to excessive traffic, but if your website offers specific files for download, it may happen.

4. Unlimited Storage’s Catch.

Doesn’t Unlimited Storage seem like a great offer? Some web hosting services want you to think that. However, “Unlimited Storage” does not exist.

Have you ever carefully read the terms of service for your web hosting provider? If you’re like most people, you’ll scan it rather than properly read it. There is a section in the TOS that covers CPU/Server Usage.

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To sum it up, basically, it says if your website uses more than a certain amount of storage, it violates the TOS and will be subject to termination. Of course, it is necessary for just about every hosting service to have something like that in their Terms of Service to protect resources on their servers from improper usage.

To avoid their promises of Unlimited Storage, several web hosting firms, however, use the CPU/Server Usage.

5. Learn more about them by doing research.

One common procedure is to enter the query “web hosting company sucks” and see what data is returned. The number of consumers who have complained about their web host will surprise you.

This list may give you an idea, but you should not take it for granted because:

  • Unfair count. Large companies tend to disappoint more people because they have more disgruntled customers, although they might be only an extremely small percentage of the overall customer base.
  • Bias and subjective verdicts. Statements on personal blogs can sometimes be highly subjective, biased, and influenced. Any rebuttals can potentially delete by the site owners to give a one-sided impression.
  • Complaints are common. It is easier for some people to rant than to praise. In general, if a web host performs smoothly, they’re just doing their job, and if it doesn’t, then it deserves all the bad reviews. That’s just what we do 🙂

6. Buy and Save with Coupons or Commission Rebates.

It might not be a good idea to shop without searching for commission rebates or coupons in an online industry like web hosting, where companies are willing to pay one year’s worth of revenue for one customer.

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Of course, you’ll find many hosts that don’t give out coupons or don’t even have an affiliation program, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good hosts.

We listed many WordPress hosting companies’ plans

  • Free Domain.
  • Cloudflare CDN.
  • Free SSL.
  • Daily Backups.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

7. Make your own backups.

You may have questioned if we should have trust in and rely on our hosts to back up our files. Of course not. While the host must perform regular backups, it may be unwise not to do off-site backups.

8. Use a One-Time Credit Card or PayPal.

If you are not an American and PayPal is the only source of US dollars you have, always use PayPal for the transaction. It may be impractical, slow, and costly to ask your local bank to do the conversion.

Use a One-Time Credit Card or PayPal, Web Hosting
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If using a credit card is your only choice, be sure the business is reputable to avoid having a bad experience.

9. Avoid Long-Term Contracts Unless You Trust Them.

We’ve observed how companies give us a ridiculous discount for paying two years in advance. Unless the web host has an excellent track record, else think twice.

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