BackupBuddy Plugin Review 2023 Why You Need a Backup Plugin WordPress Site.

Are you on the search for a WordPress backup plugin? BackupBuddy is one of the most popularly used WordPress backup plugins. We’ll look at what makes BackupBuddy the best WordPress backup plugin in this review. We strongly advise you to set up an automated backup solution for your WordPress site, whether you run a small personal blog or a business website. In this post, we’ll explain to you how to use BackupBuddy to keep your WordPress content safe.

Why You Need a Backup Plugin WordPress Site

Security threats exist on every website on the internet. Hackers, data theft, and server disasters can affect any website.

This may happen to anyone, whether or not they have a WordPress site. Anyone with experience can tell you that the question isn’t if it will happen, but when.

Implementing an automated backup system is the first step in protecting yourself against such disasters.

You can backup your website and save backups in various locations, much like your computer. This makes it simple to get your website back when you need it.

You can possibly build a manual database backup and download your WordPress files if you don’t update your website on a regular basis. If you often update your site, though, you won’t be able to maintain your backups up to date all of the time.

BackupBuddy comes very helpful here. It’s a WordPress backup plugin that lets you create full backups of your WordPress site and store them to multiple remote locations such as a cloud storage provider, your computer, or an FTP server.

BackBuddy Pros And Cons

  • Security scans/monitoring.
  • Site migration.
  • Off-site backup storage.
  • SFTP and FTP backups.
  • Backup to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Filesystem backups
  • No Backup to OneDrive
  • Automatic backups before updating the site

Setup is simple and quick for complete backups.

Many first users are familiar with the terms used by backup software. This makes making decisions about their backup option a little more difficult for them.

As soon as the plugin is activated, BackupBuddy makes it very simple and quick for beginners to set up their backup solution.

It shows them a basic form with options that are simple to understand. Simply fill it out and saving it will set up your backup solution and also start your first full backup.

It saves users from an overwhelming number of decisions and options. It starts working within seconds, and you do not need to struggle with the software to make it work.

Backups that are automatically scheduled

The majority of users do not have the time to manually back up their website after each update. BackupBuddy allows you to set up an automated plan in a matter of a few minutes and then forget about it.

It will generate backups according to the schedule you choose. You can adjust this schedule to meet your needs depending on how fast you add new content to your website.


BackupBuddy also lets you create several schedules, which is a fantastic feature. You could, for example, define a plan for daily database backups and another for complete backups every week.

BackupBuddy allows you to save your backups on the cloud.

The ability to store backups in multiple locations is one of the most important features of any website backup system. BackupBuddy offers a variety of safe backup storage options.

Each BackupBuddy plugin gives you access to 1 GB of storage on BackupBuddy’s Stash cloud storage. The plugin also allows you to delete old backups from your cloud storage automatically. This means that 1 GB is enough for 95% of websites. However, if you want extra storage, it is available. For about $35 per year, you may have 5 GB of storage.

BackupBuddy now lets you store your backups to Google Drive and Dropbox, two popular cloud storage services.

It also works with clouds storage options such as Amazon S3 and Rackspace.

You may keep your backups on your own server, send them to another server through FTP, or email them to yourself in addition to cloud storage.

BackupBuddy makes it simple to restore and migrate websites.

Many backup systems make creating backups simple. However, restoring sites with them is harder. BackupBuddy, on the other hand, makes restoring your website from a backup simple.

With a single click, you may restore all of your files from the backup. You may also use BackupBuddy to replace specific files from an older backup. When working with themes or editing files on a live site, this is especially useful.

BackupBuddy also has a simple database rollback tool. You can choose a backup and roll it back to the database that was saved with that backup without replacing files.

If you’re migrating a website from one server to another, or if you’re switching the domain name. Then BackupBuddy has a migration wizard that is really simple to use. Simply upload your backup and the importbuddy.php file to your new server. Then, to easily migrate your website, run the import buddy script.

Perform Quick Malware Scans with BackupBuddy

Malware is a common problem on the web. Malware is generally installed on a website without the site owner’s knowledge. This is often a script that downloads malicious software or trojans on the computer of visitors.

Malware can destroy your site’s search engine rankings. BackupBuddy has a built-in malware scanner. This may be used to scan your website for common malware threats. It uses Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, PhishTank, SiteAdvisor, and a variety of other online tools to scan your website.

If your site is affected by malware, you may simply restore it to a previous backup for a rapid repair. To ensure that this does not happen again, you will need to increase the overall security of your website.

Pricing and Support Options for BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is offered for as little as $80 per year for a 2 license. For $297, you can get a Gold license that allows you to use BackupBuddy on an unlimited lot of websites and includes lifetime support and upgrades.

All subscribers receive ticket-based help from the plugin’s official support forums. In most cases, questions are answered in less than a few hours.

Users who like to work alone will find the online documentation to be quite extensive and satisfactory. You’ll also have access to the official Codex, as well as tutorials, video tutorials, instructions, and forums.

Installing BackupBuddy on Your WordPress Site

To start, you must first purchase the BackupBuddy plugin. Starting at $80, you get a year of plugin updates and support, 1 GB of cloud storage on Stash, Stash live, and the ability to use it on two sites.

You must download the plugin to your computer after purchasing it.

Next, you need to install and activate the BackupBuddy plugin. See the step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more details.

Before you can obtain automatic updates to the newest versions, you’ll need to add your BackupBuddy license after activation. The plugin will show you a link to the licensing page.

You can also visit the page by clicking on Settings » iThemes Licensing.

To continue, simply enter your iThemes login and password and then click the licensing products button. Your license will be activated upon successful verification.

Setting Up Real-Time Backups with BackupBuddy and Stash Live

Stash Live is available using your BackupBuddy plugin. It’s the real-time backup storage system from BackupBuddy.

Changes to your WordPress posts, pages, images, themes, and plugins will be automatically saved in your Stash live cloud storage with real-time backups.

This guarantees that you have the most current and up-to-date backup of your site at all times. Stash Live also makes restoring your website as simple as clicking a button.

Fill in your iThemes login and password on the BackupBuddy » Stash Live page in the WordPress admin area.

You also need to provide an email address where you want to receive new backup notifications. A link to the zip files will be included in these emails.

To continue, click the ‘Save settings and start backup’ option.

BackupBuddy will now begin making and transferring your first backup to your Stash account. On your screen, you’ll be able to check the backup progress.


BackupBuddy will make and upload the whole backup because this is your first Stash live backup. Depending on how much data you have on your site, this could take anything from a few minutes to many hours.

Leaving the progress screen will not disrupt the backup. You may continue working on your WordPress site while the backup runs in the background.

You will be notified by email once it is complete. The backup files will also show as snapshots on the Stash Live page.

Those snapshots can be stored on Stash Live. You may also download or relocate these snapshots to your own server with a single click at any time.

Using BackupBuddy to Create Scheduled Backups

With real-time backups, Stash Live allows you to have the most up-to-date backups of your WordPress site.

If you don’t want to use Stash live, BackupBuddy offers a number of different options for backing up WordPress.

To generate and set up backups, simply go to the BackupBuddy » Backup page.

You must first provide an email address. BackupBuddy will send you email notifications and backup emails from here.

After that, you must create a password. This password will be used if/when you utilize BackupBuddy to migrate your WordPress site to a new server or host.

Once you have set your password, then you need to choose where to send your backups.

There are a variety of options to choose from. You may store your WordPress backups in a variety of places, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and BackupBuddy’s Stash storage.


Finally, you must decide how often you want backups to be created. On-demand manual backups are available, or you may choose for a monthly or weekly complete backup with daily database backups.

To continue, click the Save Settings button.

The backup profiles page will now be displayed by BackupBuddy. You can click on Database or Complete Backup profiles to create your first backup.


We recommend that you select a complete backup profile if you have never generated a backup before.

Make sure the box next to the option ‘Send to the remote destination as part of the backup process is selected. This will open a popup menu where you may choose one of the destinations you already added.


BackupBuddy will begin creating backup files for you. You’ll be able to track the backup’s progress. You’ll see a success message after it’s done.

You may now verify that your backup was successfully sent to your remote destination.

Using BackupBuddy to restore a WordPress backup

BackupBuddy not only makes it simple to create backups, but it also makes it simple to restore your site from backups.

Simply navigate to BackupBuddy » Restore/Migrate and scroll down to the backup area. There is a link to view or restore files, as well as a database rollback, there.

For a full restore, you will need to download and upload the importbuddy.php file to your server.

Do We Recommend BackupBuddy?


BackupBuddy has all of the features you’ll need in a WordPress backup plugin. It offers a very well user interface, with on-screen help available at all times. The user experience is sleek and even beginners would find it quite easy to use.

The plugin code is solid, and it is supported by one of the brightest minds in the WordPress community. It has a high trust level and reliability. It is regularly maintained and updated to ensure that it remains secure and safe.

With strong professional help, it is the most cost-effective way to set up backups for a WordPress site.

  • Features - 100%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Support - 100%
  • Easy To Use - 99%
  • Pricing - 100%

We hope this article helped you keep your WordPress content safe with BackupBuddy.

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