BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

BionicWP Review From Hostguid

1.Uptime: 99.9% 
2.Load time: 306 ms.
3.Support: 24/7 Live Chat.
4.Features: Daily Malware Scanning, WAF Firewall and High-performance CDN.

if you’re looking for a fast and reliable WordPress hosting service. A BionicWP review delves into the details of this all-in-one firm that is redefining WordPress hosting (fully managed hosting + content and code edits + white-label support).

In simple words, BionicWP is a managed hosting solution that runs on the WordPress platform. This system’s primary function is to assist your organization in achieving its objectives by streamlining in line with preset needs and preferences. The combination of a hyper-optimized stack with Google C2 High Compute makes a huge difference in the speed of your website, making it to new heights!

Pros and Cons of BionicWP

There are always upsides and downsides to every hosting company.


  1. Truly Managed WordPress Platfrom.
  2. Excellent Performance.
  3. Free Migration.
  4. Daily Malware Scanning.
  5. WAF Firwall.
  6. Coustmize Pricing System.


  1. Hosting for WordPress CMS Only.

Here’s all that Bionic WP has to offer:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insight scores of over 90
  2. An entire month’s worth of site backup with anti-hack regulations
  3. Performance reports and monitoring on a weekly basis
  4. Scalability, SSL, and CDN
  5. Full SSH access with customized staging area
  6. A hosting solution that is fully white label
  7. Prompt updates management for WordPress Plugin, Core and Theme
  8. WordPress site edits that are – you guessed it – unlimited
  9. BionicWP pricing plans start from just $27.5/month
  10. Free trial and free website migration service
Our Rating:Our Verdict: 9.5/10
Support:24/7 Live Chat
Site Transfer:Free
Hosting Plans:Managed WordPress Hosting
Features:Daily Malware Scanning, CDN, Auto backup, Auto-update, White Lable, and customize Pricing.
Pricing:Starting at $27.5/mo

Bionic WP: An Overview of The WordPress Managed Platform

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

After you’ve logged in, the dashboard will display all of your activities, while the Live Sites block will display your websites.

But how will you create and launch a real site? Let’s make one together, shall we?

Launching your Site on Bionic WP

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

You’ll be taken to the site installation tab upon selecting the ‘New Site’ option, where you may create a new website from scratch or migrate an existing one.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

You should be able to see your website on the dashboard

And there you have it: your website is up and running! The next stage is up to you; thanks to the WordPress platform, you may customize it as you like. The speeds will be unmatched because your website is already hyper-performance stack tuned.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Your site will come with a pre-installed theme and just a few plugins, all of which will be available from the dashboard.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Users may use the ‘Update All’ button to update all themes and plugins at once, or they can update them one at a time.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

The Bionic WP plugin may also be accessed on the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

You may track the progress of your website’s plugins, cores, and themes from in this site. Users could also choose to use an application-level cache, which will improve site speed even further.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Navigating Site Details

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Your site dashboard will show you all of the features available to you, right down to the SSH access panel.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

In a matter of seconds, you’ll have SSH access and be able to log into your database. Users can also track their page speed rankings over time and use the ‘Make these figures bionic’ option to keep their sitting performance at its peak.

Hyper Performance Activated

Bionic WP makes hyper-performance activation quick and easy. Not only that, but Bionic’s CDN and the Nitropack-endorsed hyperspeed setting offer your website a significant boost.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Bionic WP Site Speeds

The benefit of Bionic WP is that it improves your website’s Google PageSpeed scores even before you use CDN or Nitropack.

BionicWP Review From Hostguid (Best Managed WordPress Hosting)

Users may, of course, trial before they buy thanks to Bionic WP’s excellent customer support policy. In any case, it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to grow their business!

Bionic WP Features Review:

White Label Hosting Solution:

Businesses no longer need to create their own hosting solution thanks to Bionic WP’s fantastic services. Instead, because Bionic WP is a totally white label hosting solution, businesses may use Bionic WP’s hosting solution and pass it off as their own to customers. This will not only save money but will also help the entire process go more smoothly and efficiently.

Unlimited Edits

Businesses are constantly short on money, and no one wants to spend money on a virtual assistant. You won’t have to with Bionic WP! Users may get their content edited, plugins updated, and themes changed at no extra cost thanks to their unlimited edits offer.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Server-level management and support, application-level management and support, and application customizations should all be included with the good managed WordPress hosting package. Bionic WP, on the other hand, combines all three!

A Spot On Choice for Agencies, Website Owners, and Businesses

Bionic WP claims that it is a perfect match for everyone, including agencies, enterprises, and website owners. Bionic WP ensures that all of its clients are cared for properly with its top-notch website management options and support network. Everyone will save money and time in the hoards with Bionic WP!


When it comes to performance, Bionic WP far exceeds other managed hosting options; no doubt!

Google C2 High Compute

With Google C2 High-Computer Instances, Bionic WP delivers one of the highest specifications that can assist performance in a milestone. The specs include 128GB of RAM and a 32-core CPU, which is far and away from the best on the market.

Before You Buy

That means that – before buying anything, you can try the BionicWP system. You just upload your website to our platform and compare our staging environment with your website. 

Free Migrations

100% free migrations for all of your sites.  BionicWP gives us access to your site and we will migrate it for free.

Sites Backups

Do you want a lot of backups? We got them! BionicWP will keep 30 days of backups all off-site so if you ever have an issue we (you or us) can roll back whenever you need!

Hack Promise

If somehow your site gets hacked BionicWp will fix it for free – no additional charge like all the other guys.

Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates

Not worrying anymore about your outdated core, theme, or plugins. No other purchasing software to manage this. BionicWp solution is 1 place you can host + WordPress solution that is actually handled.

Weekly Speed Monitoring

Every week BionicWP checks the speed of every site on our platform, if scores have dropped our team jumps in and fixes these scores. If you find a site that has issues, let BionicWP know and we will address it asap.

Real-Time Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your site every 1 minute for uptime. BionicWP gets an immediate email and slack alert if any site is down and BionicWP jumps in and fixes it.

Data Center Locations

Currently, BionicWP have the following data centers 

  1. Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
  2. Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
  3. Ashburn, Northern
  4. Virginia, USA
  5. The Dalles, Oregon, USA
  6. Los Angeles, California, USA
  7. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  9. Changhua County, Taiwan
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Tokyo, Japan
  12. Osaka, Japan
  13. Seoul, South Korea
  14. Mumbai, India
  15. Jurong West, Singapore
  16. Jakarta, Indonesia
  17. Sydney, Australia
  18. Hamina, Finland
  19. St. Ghislain, Belgium
  20. London, England, UK
  21. Frankfurt, Germany
  22. Eemshaven, Netherlands
  23. Zürich, Switzerland
  24. Montréal, Québec,
  25. Canada
  26. Osasco (São Paulo), Brazil

UNLIMITED 30-minute edits

BionicWP has listed out things that would be included and things that are not included in our unlimited edits:


  1. Taking your text changes you provide us and putting them into your page
  2. Installing the plugin you send us
  3. Creating a bulleted list on a page inside of WordPress
  4. Changing out your address, phone, or email on your contact page

Not Included

  1. Creating new content for your site
  2. Editing an image or graphic
  3. Writing custom code to get a plugin or some new functionality on the site. (We can create custom quote to do this for you)

BionicWP Cons

A good hosting solution is one that provides users with more pros than cons.

Addons Cost Separately

The basic hosting package by Bionic WP costs $27.5 per month. This is the least you can get for a cloud server with 5GB of space.

But to get the complete package including BionicWP speed and unlimited site edits, the cost will increase to $50+.

All charges given by BionicWP are written out below.

  1. Unlimited site edits cost $25 for each site. This includes 30 minute of site edits, as many times as you want
  2. BionicWP speed addon costs an extra $9 per month because you will be getting BionicWP CDN and premium Nitropack addon. Both are needed to improve your website performance

No email hosting

BionicWP also has a weakness because it does not provide its users with e-mail hosting.

Bionic WP Security and Performance: The Ultimate Test

Google page inside: Speed Testing

Bionic WP: Pricing

BionicWP 1 site Managed WordPress Hosting

BionicWP provides all of its clients with fully managed WordPress hosting. It features a progressive pricing structure. BionicWP hosting packages are more affordable for those who have multiple websites.

The following are the full details on the BionicWP Pricing packages:

BionicWP costs $27.5 per month for a single website. When you have 5 or more websites, your website fee is reduced. The whole math is here.

The cost of each website will be much less if you have more than ten websites.


How many sites are currently on BionicWP platform?
Ans-1000+ website on BionicWp platform currently. (this information provied BionicWp)

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thought

Yes, BionicWP is totally worth it!

BionicWP is an excellent all-in-one managed hosting solution for WordPress. It provides unmatched managed quality service, excellent customer support (including white label and application-level support), and cost-effective cloud hosting that you won’t find anywhere else.

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