Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile?

In Simple terms Yes, you can edit your wordpress site using mobile. In this article, we cover Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile Devices? Do you know that 50 percent of all website traffic comes from mobile devices? People use mobile applications from platforms like WordPress, Facebook, and other media websites to create content as well as browse the web on these devices.

WordPress mobile applications have significantly improved over time to make it simple for you to post content and manage your website on a mobile device. There is already an iOS and Android WordPress app available.

Why Use the WordPress App on an Android Mobile or iPhone?

Even when you’re traveling, you can manage and add content to your website using the WordPress app from anywhere on earth.

While taking the train or bus, going on a walk, or hanging out with friends, you may take photographs, make videos, and make fast blog articles. You can take your WordPress site with you in your pocket.

Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile

However, this WordPress user interface is just ok types (not good) for mobile usage.

On the other hand, the WordPress app is made to be user-friendly, touch-friendly, and mobile-optimized. The WordPress app offers a simple user experience that makes using it easy.

For many bloggers, writing without a real keyboard has been difficult. Writing articles on touch devices is made quick and easy by the app, which combines the native touch keyboard of your device with formatting buttons for WordPress.

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You Can Set Up Your Website In WordPress Mobile Apps

  • JetPack plugin on your website.
  • A free account.

Let’s get started.

First, you need to install the JetPack plugin on your WordPress website.

Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile

After activation, you’ll need to click on the setup button to continue.

The next step is to log in using your account. Enter your login information if you already have one. You may still create a free account if you choose.

Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile

During this process, your self-hosted website will be connected to JetPack servers via your free account.

You are now ready to use the WordPress app on your mobile device after doing that.

Setting up the WordPress App on Your Mobile Device

First, Install the WordPress app on your device. It is available for Android, iOS (iPhones and iPads), Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Can I Edit My WordPress Site Using Mobile

The next step is to open the app and log in with your account. After the app connect it fetches your all website information.

Then you check your URL and click on the continue button to move forward and view the app dashboard. This is where you will manage your WordPress site using the mobile app.

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It can possible to run WordPress Site entirely from the app?

No. Using only the WordPress app is currently not an effective way to manage a WordPress site. Because you can’t manage plugins using the app.

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