Can I Host Videos On WordPress?

In simple words Yes you can host videos on WordPress. But you shouldn’t likely directly upload the video to your WordPress website knowing this fact. The main problem is you directly upload a video on your WordPress website that uses your website hosting storage and needs high bandwidth for fast loading that improves your hosting/server cost. It’s not economical.

Another way is economical and it’s my favorite way 😊, you can use a video hosting plugin or embedding videos from a third-party service. in this article, how to use video hosting plugins? how to embed videos? and we cover why most of the people don’t upload videos directly.

let’s start Can I Host Videos On WordPress?

Why People Don’t Prefer To Upload Videos Directly?

In WordPress uploading a video is the same as uploading an image. You can upload a video directly on your PC and media library.

Can I Host Videos On WordPress?

Then upload your video file and play it.

The main problem is uploading video directly on your WordPress site which uses your website hosting storage and needs high bandwidth for fast loading that improves your hosting/server cost.

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Every time people visit your website and play a video on your site, it affects your server significantly more than images, text, and website content. And that issue improves when many people/ traffic come to your website.

As a result, your website is loading slowly and sometimes shows 500 internal server errors. However, your web hosting service can have limitations that force you to pay for bandwidth overuse, or even they shut down your website hosting services☹️.

Alternative Ways

As usual, we clearly say the above-uploaded video is not an ideal solution for you. but there are many alternative methods that will allow you to share high-quality video content without impacting your site’s performance.

Use Video Hosting Plugin

Using a video hosting plugin is one way to host videos with WordPress without using a lot of bandwidth.

With a good video hosting plugin, you can post videos to WordPress as you normally would, but they will be hosted on a different server and embedded on your website rather than on your site.

Jetpack offers this service on its paid plans, starting at $26.41 yearly. (You can check the details of their video hosting feature here.)

You can upload a video to WordPress using Jetpack video hosting in the same way that you would a video, but your video will be hosted on’s fast content delivery network, reducing the load on your server.

At Hostguid, listed many cloud hosting companies’ plans also check out!

Embedding Videos Using Third-Party Platforms

Alternatively, you can upload your video on a Third-Party Platform like YouTube and then embed your video on your site.


Uploading your videos to a YouTube account can be the best way to grow your audience outside of your website. In addition to growing on your own site, They’ll show in Google search results as well as on the main YouTube platform, allowing more people to find your video.

Note:- (If you want to show your video-only website, you can always select the “unlisted” option during the upload process.)

Embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress site page or post is very simple:- Copy the video link and paste WordPress will automatically convert to a video otherwise type /YouTube select it and paste the video URL and click embed.

Can I Host Videos On WordPress?
Can I Host Videos On WordPress?

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Our Final Thoughts

If you want to upload video directly on your WordPress website you need a powerful full Dedicated/Cloud Server.

If you have any questions and thoughts in your mind, or recommendations about hosting and WordPress, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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