Hostarmada Dedicated CPU Server Lift Off Plan (for 30 days)


Hostarmada Dedicated CPU Server Lift-Off Plan Features
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 160 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 40 Gbps Speed In
  • 2000 Mbps Speed Out
  • 5 FREE cPanel Accounts
  • FREE Backups
  • Default Hosting Features
  • Prepare for Launch Features
  • Enhanced Caching
  • Malware Scan
  • Malware Removal
  • WAF & IP Firewall
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Hostarmada Dedicated CPU Server Lift Off Plan Common Features:

  • Free Cpanel.
  • Free SSL for all sites.
  • Web Server Cache.
  • Daily Backups.
  • SSD Storage.
  • Support 24/7/365.

Benefits of using Dedicated CPU Servers

Full control with ROOT Access
Our Dedicated CPU Server Hosting packages allow complete control, thanks to On Demand granted access to the root user of the Operating System!
SSD Technology for Faster websites
Native Solid State Drives are the strong foundation on top of which our Dedicated CPU Server Hosting plans will start winning your admiration!
24×7 Technical Support
Human-powered technical support service for fast and secure website transfer, template or module installations, and any website-related issues!
No Cancellation fees in case you don’t like our service

No additional costs for canceling your service with us – pay for only what you have used!

Free Website Migration Service

We will ensure the data integrity of your Website during the Free Website Migration provided for every Web Hosting Package!

7 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Test and explore our service with no hurry thanks to our extended moneyback period!

1-click Application Installer

With the 1-Click Application installer our customers can not only deploy Applications’ instances with ease but they can also configure every installation separately! The installer also allows for maintaining different application versions in different folders!

Consistent Backups

Backing up a website is quite an easy task but maintaining healthy daily backups is always a challenge. All Dedicated CPU Server plans have automated cPanel backup service activated by default with the option of Weekly backups enabled by default.

This can be extended to Daily and Monthly backups as well!

NGINX Web Server Cache

Here at HostArmada, we take caching to the next level! With an intuitive caching mechanism, our customers’ websites not only load faster but also have a very small resource usage footprint, allowing more website visitors on smaller plans!

Managed Web Hosting service

Ensuring that our Dedicated CPU Server plans will always be in a healthy state, updating and supplying multiple PHP versions, checking the health of the storage units and many more are routines that we eagerly follow on daily basis! This allows incredible server performance combined with optimal uptime!

Latest Services for optimal performance

The core services we offer are always up to date! This allows for quick bug fixes as well as immediate vulnerability patching when a patch is officially released! We maintain multiple PHP versions so every website – old or new, can feel comfortable on our Dedicated CPU Server plans!

Easy to pilot service with cPanel

What is a web hosting service without a wheel to steer it in the right direction? Over the years cPanel became an industry standard when it comes to reliable, native, and easy-to-use web hosting control panel! We provide it for free with every Dedicated CPU Server hosting plan!

ROOT Access for advanced users

Since the main advantage of the Dedicated CPU Server hosting plans is their complete control and their unlimited customization options, we supply root level of access on every Dedicated CPU Server hosting plan.

This does not affect the Management service we include nor require any additional fees!

Tight Website Security

Every Dedicated CPU Server hosting plan comes with a set of security tools. By default, an IP-based firewall is activated so it can block malicious users when harmful actions are detected.

Also, our customers can enjoy a free virus scanner and free SSL certificates for an UNLIMITED amount of domains!

Application Installation

Autoinstaller – Part of the default set of features, the Softaculous auto-installer, is a piece of software that integrates with cPanel to provide our Managed Dedicated CPU Server hosting customers a vast amount of 1-click installable web applications.

The service also allows individual backups to be configured per installed application, and it is available for all cPanel accounts created on our Managed Dedicated CPU Server hosting solution.

The auto-installer is also perfect for Resellers who would like to provide their customers with an easy-to-use feature for fast application deployment.

Custom Installations – We understand how important it is to have a reliable web hosting partner when it comes to installing complex services for your website to operate at its full potential.

That is why we charge no additional fees for installing virtually any web hosting service that is compatible with the web hosting environment that your Managed Dedicated CPU Server hosting solution maintains.

Website Transfer

When transferring from another web hosting provider – no matter VPS or Shared Hosting, our clients often need additional assistance for the successful migration of:

  • Files/Folders
  • Databases
  • Emails

… to their Managed Dedicated CPU Server hosting service with us. While other web hosting companies charge per single website transfer, we have no such policy, and we will transfer our customer’s web hosting assets to our Managed Dedicated CPU Server completely FREE of any charges.

We will ensure the integrity of the data, and we will not change even a single byte of data on the source location!

Transfers FROM our Managed Dedicated CPU Server hosting services to other web hosting providers are NOT included in the pricing nor supported.

Server Updates

Proactive – All control panel updates are fully automated. cPanel/WHM® are maintaining strong and reliable update repositories for nearly every service on your Dedicated CPU Server, and we see no reason for restricting these global updates.

Still, often there are additionally installed services that need to be also configured for automatic update. We will take good care of those:

  • Programming languages – PHP, PERL, Python, Bash, NodeJS
  • Databases – MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, Any NoSQL based Database
  • Web Servers – Apache/NGINX/Cachewall/Varnish

… so you can be sure that no update will be missed. This allows for any 0-day exploits to be patched immediately when their authors release a patch in the official repositories.

On-Demand – If you prefer to take control of the update schedule or if you would like certain services excluded from the update procedures, you can simply request that from our 24/7/365 Available Technical Support Fleet, and they will assist you further.

Also, if you would like to have any custom services updated by our experienced crew, simply drop us a ticket, and we will get the job done!

Location Migrations

Your dedicated server can be migrated across any of the locations we offer. Although this is not a common request, if a customer decides that their server needs to be migrated to another location, we will surely handle the migration.

Of course, this is not an actual physical server migration. Instead, we will simply set up the same server on another location and migrate the entire storage.

A known downside to this procedure is the website downtime since, as a consequence of the migration, the primary IP address of the server will change, so DNS changes will also be required.

Once the migration is completed, we will shut down the old server, and we will leave it in that state for a few days so we can ensure that if any data is missed, it could be safely recovered.

Hostarmada Lift Off Dedicated CPU Server  Data Centers!

Hostarmada Dedicated CPU Server Lift Off Plan

Hostguid Expert Score on Hostarmada Dedicated Server
  • Performance - 95%
  • Security - 94%
  • Easy To Use - 96%
  • Support - 94%
  • Value For Money - 100%

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