HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan (for 30 days)


HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan Features
  • Host 1 Website.
  • 15,000 Visits / Month.
  • 50 GB SSD NVMe Disk.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL & CDN.
  • 1-Click Staging.
  • Free Migration.
  • Automated Daily Backups.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support.
  • 6 CPU, 6 GB RAM.
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HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan Common Features:

HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan

LiteSpeed + LiteMage

Magento Specific Caching

LiteMage cache works on ESI technology i.e “punching holes” in pages that carry visitor-specific information. The dynamic content is served from the cache memory and visitor information is truly processed as Dynamic. When the next visitor comes to a website, “holes are filled” with his/her information. Also, full per user pages are cached for repeat visits, and no “holes” are required for such users.

Static + Dynamic Caching

There are multiple options for Magento caching like PHP opcode, NGiNX, and varnish however all the results show LiteMage as superior in terms of Magento 1 or Application 2-speed test. Moreover, all other caching platform fails when it comes to usability features of LiteMage.

Low CPU and Memory Needs

LiteMage uses minimal compute to server content considering its deployed server-side and uses an ESI mechanism. Less RAM and CPU are consumed by LiteMage compared to Varnish and other PHP caching techniques.

Quick Page Loads

It helps to reduce page load time by assembling the full-page content by combining all the received responses. It also eliminates the chance of creating individual requests for retrieving each block separately which in turn improves the Magento page load speed.

Native Site Crawling

Caching takes place immediately once LiteMage is installed. All the pages of your Magento store are crawled automatically. It adds to warming up the cache as a result of which every visitor to the page will have an optimum load speed.

Native SSL Support

LiteMage’s native SSL support makes sure that user authentication is validated with encrypted session tokens to avoid possible hacking attempts.

DDoS Protection

LiteSpeed’s built-in anti-DDoS feature can defend against several common HTTP attacks that Magento 1 and Magento 2 websites are regular victims of.

Multiple View and Ajax Support

LiteMage offers Support for multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-user groups along with Support for extensions using an AJAX-based cart.

Magento Hosting Features

Redis Backend & Session Cache

Magento performance can be further enhanced by Redis as an in-memory backend and session cache. Magento backend, add to cart, and checkout is further accelerated using Redis.

Optimized Server

Magento’s power and extensive features make it resource-intensive, our servers are optimized to ensure the swift and efficient functioning of your store.

CloudFlare CDN + Railgun

All our Magento hosting plans come with CloudFlare’s CDN and Railgun optimization. With over 100 data centers worldwide, your Magento store will have faster load speeds for users across the globe.

Free Magento Installation

Magento is completely free to install and you can install it as many times as you wish, at no additional cost. HosterDaddy provides you with your desired hosting package with free Magento installation.

Magento Consultancy

Our team of experts will guide you from time to time and help your eCommerce business grow. We will help you with upgrades, suggestions on plugins and even help you with database-related issues.

HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan

HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting Basic Plan

Hostguid Expert Score on HosterDaddy Managed Magento Hosting
  • Performance - 88%
  • Security - 89%
  • Easy To Use - 85%
  • Support - 98%
  • Value For Money - 91%

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