Hostgator Cloud Hosting Hatchling Plan (for 30 days)


Hostgator Cloud Hosting Hatchling Plan Features
  • Single domain.
  • 2 GB memory.
  • 2 core CPU.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Free domain included.
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Hostgator Cloud Hosting Hatchling Plan Common Features:

Integrated caching

An optimal caching configuration ensures your page loads so fast it’s scary.

Intuitive dashboard

Track your website’s performance & keep an eye on all the metrics that matter most.

Resource management

Get a spike in traffic? Bump up your resources on the fly. You’ll have total control.

Automated failover

If a hardware issue arises, your site is automatically switched to another server.

Data mirroring

We automatically make three copies of your data to ensure safety & redundancy.

Why the cloud? Reliable. Scalable. Flexible.

Turbocharged Hosting.

What do you get when you mix low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers? A site with 2x the speed. What about instant resource management and better server allocation? 4x the scalability.

Point is, cloud hosting is pretty awesome. Especially when you’ve got HostGator experts available to assist you 24/7. So for crying out cloud, you really can’t go wrong here.


Create new email accounts, manage subdomains, & more in just clicks.

45-day guarantee

If you’re not happy, Hostgator refunds your hosting fees in 45 days.

24/7/365 support

We work when you work. Whenever that happens to be.

Hostguid Expert Score on Hostgator Cloud Hosting
  • Performance - 89%
  • Security - 81%
  • Easy To Use - 86%
  • Support - 96%
  • Value For Money - 93%

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Hatchling Plan

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