Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan (for 30 days)


Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan Features
  • 30 GB Email storage.
  • Unlimited Mail Filters.
  • 50 Email Aliases.
  • Antivirus Check.
  • Multi-device Support.
  • Advanced anti-spam.
  • Rich Webmail.
  • Inbuilt calendar and contacts.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • One-click import of existing emails and contacts.
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Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan

Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan Common Features:

Email Hosting is a committed service that works independently from website hosting. Titan Email Hosting is an accessible email with eminently powerful features. Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan helps you to increase attach rates, meets your customer’s business, up-sell your solutions and technology requirements. It has the facility of advanced search techniques. You can search for anything to find everything with Titan. You can do any search with just the dates, keywords, subject lines, and email address over your entire email box.

Conversation Threads

Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan drives a more organized email experience with conversation threads. All the conversations in your mailbox are put together into complete stories so that you can get a full context on everything at a glance.


Titan Email Hosting provides an essential feature of allowing to set reminders for future events by sending a crucial email. No matter if you have a meeting, meet a deadline or close a deal, Titan will remind you of everything. Reminders automatically set back conversations that require following up. It makes sure all the time that nothing should slip over the cracks.

Snooze Emails

Titan Email Hosting provides snooze features that let you temporarily remove an email from your mailbox to come back at a more efficient time when you’re ready to tackle it. An uncluttered mailbox makes one less distracted and surely more productive.

Undo Send

Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan has the feature of undoing send so that you work with higher accuracy and more confidence than before. No more worries about misspelled, typos, and forgotten attachments anymore.

Read Receipts

Titan Email Hosting allows you to see who reads what and why. It automatically shows read receipts when people read your click links, download attachments, and emails. It tracks your sent emails constructively and responds with perfect timing.


Titan Email Hosting takes collaboration to the next level. It schedules meetings, manages the contacts, and starts video calls with its powerful in-built contacts and calendar apps.


Titan Email Hosting provides facilities to stay connected to the email wherever and whenever one works. It works effortlessly with all major browsers like with the domestic Titan Apps for IOS and Android.

Find any email in an instant

Whether you remember every last detail of an email or just one word, Titan’s advanced search options let you instantly surface an email without getting buried in your mailbox.


Titan Email Hosting extends peace of mind with its advanced and secure security measures to protect the accounts from malware, spam, phishing attacks, ransomware, and many more.

Instant Search

Titan Email Hosting helps to find any email in an instant. Its instant and advanced search options instantly surface an email without getting dumped down in your mailbox. One can search with a small detail he remembers or every last detail of an email or just a single word.

Import Options

Hostinger Titan Email Hosting Enterprise Plan imports the existing email and contacts. It helps to move the email address and messages present in the old accounts to eminent transition to the new business email account.

Running and Stay up

Titan Email Hosting provides a guaranteed service uptime. It offers zero data loss, which is a great feature. It also provides 24/7 service to the users.

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Hostguid Expert Score on Hostinger Email Hosting
  • Features - 90%
  • Design - 85%
  • Support - 88%
  • Value For Money - 88%

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