How to Create and Sell Online Courses with WordPress at Free of Cost?

How to Create and Sell Online Courses with WordPress?

Did you know that WordPress can help you build a good online course website?

Selling online courses is a popular online business idea that requires little investment and no technical experience to get started.

This tutorial is for you if you want to create an online course to sell or simply add an online course for your students.

We’ll teach you how to simply create an online course using WordPress in this article. We’ll also show you how to sell your online course and make it a success.

Why Should You Use WordPress?

In general, an online platform such as an LMS (Learning Management System) helps you in creating, selling, and managing your courses. However, with monthly subscriptions and platform fees, you will have to pay more for these platforms.

You won’t have to pay monthly subscription fees or platform fees if you use WordPress to provide a hardship online learning experience for your students.

There are a lot of great WordPress LMS plugins that may help you with this. Premium plugins provide advanced features for a one-time payment. If you can’t afford to pay for premium plugins, there are a few free options.


Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Free

On WordPress, there are a few free LMS plugins to choose from. However, most of them are either old or have poor features. These are, without the need for doubt, the greatest free options available right now.


LearnPress is the most popular, free, and stable plugin, and it’s also the only one that gets updated on a regular basis. It offers you a beautiful design and allows its users to use themes to customize the design of your courses to provide a better experience to your students.

With PayPal connection, you may build video, text, and quiz-based courses. It also has Add-Ons and payment gateways such as Stripe and 2Checkout.


LifterLMS is a newer WordPress LMS plugin with a modern style and a lot of customization options to help you build an efficient online learning platform.

You also get the ability to extend its functions with premium add-ons.

Master Study

Another excellent free plugin, MasterStudy LMS, allows you to create a learning management system in WordPress. You can create text-based, video-based, and slideshow-based learning programs with this plugin. It also takes payments through PayPal and stripe integration.

What are the Key Elements of an Effective Online Course?

Make sure you have a fully prepared content strategy for your online course before you begin setting up the learning management system.

Creating an online course and creating a blog post are two different things. When you’re ready to start teaching online courses, you’ll need to do some careful planning, as well as a composition of the right content, assignments, and lessons that flow along.

Your students will precisely study your online course as time passes. It means that you should make sure that each lesson in your course contains both educational and entertaining content to keep students engaged throughout the course.

For example, if you’re learning something online and the video only shows a person speaking without any gestures, you’re not going to be watching it.

A great online course comprises multimedia content such as:

  • Video Lessons (you can include YouTube videos in lessons)
  • Text content
  • Slideshows (you can include SlideShares slides in lessons)
  • Quizzes
  • Content that can be Downloaded (reports, PDF, case studies, etc.)
  • Assignments and final tests.

Installing LearnPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

LearnPress will be used to put up the WordPress learning management system. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is simple to set up.

  • Just go to the Add New Plugin page in your WordPress admin panel to install LearnPress.
  • Search for LearnPress in the search field, then click Install and Activate to enable the plugin.


Though it isn’t required, installing your LMS plugin in a new WordPress installation is recommended. This will allow you to keep your blog and course platform separate while managing your courses, students, and sales.

The most WordPress hosting companies provide cheap plans that allow you to host several websites on the same server.

Steps to Configure LearnPress?

LearnPress’s setup wizard will help you through the initial setup process once you’ve installed and activated it.

The entire process gets simpler for beginners due to this feature of the plugin.

Create static pages for your courses, profile, and checkout pages, configure your currency, set up PayPal for receiving payments, and enable email notifications for students and teachers using the setup wizard.

When the setup wizard is complete, you’ll be given the option of installing a sample course or creating a new one. Install the sample course to see how course content is created with this plugin and to check the appearance of the LearnPress course.

Steps to Create a Course with LearnPress

  • Go to the LearnPress plugin page and click the link in the WordPress admin dashboard sidebar to create a new course.
  • To add a new course, go to the Courses tab and and choose Add New. Give your course a title and a description.
  • You may now customize the course. It involves describing the course curriculum, setting up the course assessment, and pricing. Save the changes by clicking on Publish.
  • Your course’s Lessons must be created separately. To create lessons, go to LearnPress’s Lessons tab and click Add New.
  • If you have already defined all of the lessons in your Course curriculum, you will be able to see those lessons on this page. All you have to do now is edit them to add your own content.
  • The lessons can also be added to your course. If you want to assign a new lesson to a course, go to the Courses tab and manually add the new lesson to the course curriculum.
  • It is also possible to create and include Quizzes in your course. For this, create a quiz from the Quizzes tab first, and then from the Questions tab create the questions individually and assign them to the right quiz. The quiz can then be included in the course’s curriculum.
  • The following is the final course page:

Students can browse the course curriculum on this website, preview the lessons in each section, and enroll in a course directly from this page.

LearnPress also comes with a number of paid Add-Ons for extending the function of your LMS. These include various types of course content, functions, 2Checkout integration for receiving credit card payments, WooCommerce integration, and so on.

How to Price Your Course?

Before you make your course available to the public and begin generating cash, you may wonder how much to charge for it.

You need to take time to think about this because if you sell your online course at incorrect pricing it might lead to lost revenue. People will not buy it if you sell it at a high price. You will be leaving money on the table if you sell it for a low price.

Furthermore, the price of the course will have a direct influence on virtually every area of your online course business, from marketing to the kind of students you target to the level of support and attention you provide to your students.

Remember it’s not that one-size-fits-all but there are some guidelines you need to follow to decide your unique price point.

Select A Business Model

Start by deciding on a business model. It is classified into two types: one-time and recurring (also known as a membership model).

Students will pay you upfront or in installments to access your online course in a one-time model. They will have unlimited access to your course once payment is made.

Students will pay you on a regular basis, usually monthly, under the membership model. If you have a new course for them every month, this model works well. They won’t be able to access your program if they cancel their subscription.

It’s possible to combine two models to create a hybrid in which students pay a one-time fee for the core online course and then join a membership for ongoing coaching or mentoring.

To find out which model is better for you, consider if you’ll be creating new content every month or if your course can be completed all at once. Use a membership model if it’s the first one. Use a one-time model if it’s the second one.

Course Marketing and Promotion

You may be a blogger, author, YouTuber, or someone with a large following who wants to monetize that audience with an online course. It offers a great advantage here because it is possible to promote your online course to your email list and make sales immediately, you hit publish.

But, if you start your course right now, you’ll have to constantly promote it, and earning a life-changing income might take months.

In any case, you’ll need a sales to funnel before you start executing marketing strategies. A direct marketing campaign for marketing your online course. It is a marketing strategy to use Facebook ads.

While a sales funnel is the whole process that you guide potential students through before the decision to choose whether or not enroll (or not enroll) in your course,

After you have created the course, you can start promoting and selling your course. However, before you start selling, make sure your WordPress theme is LearnPress compatible.

When you choose an education WordPress theme that is designed for LearnPress, your course’s landing pages and lesson pages will seem much more professional and beautiful.

Finally, keep in mind that people will not be able to locate your website in order to buy your course. You will need to work on the promotion of your course and attract traffic to your course landing page.

  • Promote the online course using your email list to.
  • Ensure to connect with other bloggers in your niche and run a guest blogging campaign for the course promotion.
  • Go for podcast interviews.
  • Create videos on YouTube.
  • Run advertising campaigns on Facebook.
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