How To Create Membership Website By Nexcess?

How To Create Membership Website By Nexcess?

WPQuickStart by Nexcess is a simple method to build and host a membership site to provide your subscribers more value from your content.

This post will go through some of the most frequent concerns and problems that people have while hosting a membership site, as well as how WPQuickStart can help you resolve them. You’ll also learn about the features and price structure offered by Nexcess’ WPQuickStart plans for hosting membership sites.

Continue reading to learn more about hosting a gated site with Nexcess’ WPQuickStart.

What Is a Membership Website?

How To Create Membership Website By Nexcess

Many businesses, clubs, digital content providers, and bloggers produce content that is not available to the general public. It means that the material is not available to the public and that you will have to pay a membership price to view it. A membership site (sometimes known as a gated site) helps in protecting your premium content.

It is important to note that gated content does not always have to be paid material. A membership platform should also allow you to gate material to different degrees, allowing you to restrict all or part of your website’s content.

Is it, however, simple to host a membership site? What are some of the challenges you can experience while hosting a membership site, and how does Nexcess help you overcome them?

What Are the Difficulties of Hosting a Membership Site?

Where to Start?

Building a membership site isn’t easy. However, you must know how to start. The following are some crucial stages to creating a successful membership site that can meet your business’s demands.

  • Determine who your target audience.
  • Define your target audience’s requirements.
  • Make a list of the services and solutions you plan to offer.
  • Make use of the appropriate tools and technology.

Keeping the Costs in Check

The management of expenses is another common issue you’ll encounter while running a membership site. To be honest, hiring developers and specialists for website design and development, website launch, and promotion of a gated site for private members is not inexpensive.

Maintaining Current Technology

You will need to constantly upgrade the technology in order to maintain a seamless and obstruction-free experience. If you lack technical skills, hiring a managed hosting company is usually the most cost-effective method to manage various tools and software.

Increasing the Number of New Members

The aim of managing a membership site is to attract new members and keep existing ones. As a result, maintaining an interesting, amusing, and interactive members-only section of your website becomes critical.

You may accomplish this by generating interest in the platform’s debates and discussions.

Managing User Accounts

A complete login page and user management system are required. Nonetheless, creating such sites is not a small process. However, once completed, members will be able to join and access the premium portion of the website while on the go. To increase user accessibility, you’ll need to make sure you have a solid front-end account management system with all of the necessary features.

Payment Gateway

Providing your visitors with a secure and reliable payment method is definitely one of the most difficult jobs related to maintaining a membership site. You’ll need an integrated payment option on your website for this.

How Can Nexcess Help You?

Nexcess Hosting is recognized for providing its clients with excellent performance, help, and support. Nexcess’ WPQuickStart for Membership Sites is the only managed membership site platform available.

Nexcess has developed an efficient solution for fast and functioning membership sites in collaboration with Restrict Content Pro, Kadence Pro, and other software. Here’s how it may help you in maintaining a membership website.

  1. They make your website mobile-friendly so it may be used on a variety of devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  2. Different membership and payment levels can be created.
  3. They’ll keep your website’s plugins up to date and give email assistance, as well as a few complimentary add-on features.
  4. Regular reports will be sent to you so that you can keep track of member data, website performance, and payments.
  5. They also allow you to communicate with members via an automated mailing system.
  6. Social media platforms integration.
  7. Section for news and updates.

WPQuickStart Membership Sites by Nexcess Features

  1. Auto Scaling: They provide entirely automatic and immediate scaling services to the clients to better cope with the surge in user traffic. The platform automatically scales and deploys additional resources whenever a large number of members access your site simultaneously.
  2. Highest Level of Security: The platform houses exceptional security features to ensure the safety and security of your members’ data. After all, security and privacy are the two key concerns of any membership site.

    WPQuickStart by Nexcess employs WordPress security experts who constantly monitor the websites for security and malware threats. And in case if something goes south, the support team will recover all the data and reinstate the security in no time.
  3. Impeccable CDN: The user experience of a site doubles if the content delivery speed is excellent. With WPQuickStart by Nexcess, you get a built-in CDN capable of enhancing the page loading speed multifold by quickly delivering the content to the users. Nexcess employs 22 PoPs CDN to cache static content and delivers your data from the closest location.
  4. High Degree of Optimization: From Pro themes to WordPress Merge and from Recapture to Qubely Pro, WPQuickStart by Nexcess optimize everything required to facilitate the users. Besides, it empowers you and your site to keep the members hooked to the unmatched experience.
  5. Content Restriction: With WPQuickStart by Nexcess, you can restrict your content at various levels. Offer old content with a new purchase or offer a paid upgrade option that lets members access the content deployed earlier.
  6. Built-In Payment Gateway: Accept payment from Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout,, and PayPal with the built-in Restrict Content Pro plugin.
  7. Email Communication: Schedule emails, and send templated messages right from the admin dashboard. No additional software is required.
  8. Admin Dashboard: Get insights into member subscriptions, business performance, and various other metrics and optimize your business with the in-built software.


Nexcess offers three membership website hosting plans. Each of these plans has a unique package of advantages. The amount of the features, however, varies with the price. The table below will give you a better understanding of the features that come with each plan.

PlansMembership Essential Membership Pro Membership Premium
Cost per Month $99 $149 $249
Number of Sites 01 05 unlimited
Storage 30 GB 60 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 3 TB 5 TB 5 TB
Concurrent Users 10 – 20 20 – 30  30 – 40
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“A successful website does three things:It attracts the right kinds of visitors.Guides them to the main services or product you offer.Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”― Mohamed Saad

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