How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page In Just 2 min?

If you want to customize the Thank you page that is a good decision for your online store. After all, your customer completes their order they will redirect to your thank you page.

This post will show how to customize woocommerce thank you page.

Let’s start…

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Important Notice:- in this post we use and suggest a Flux Checkout for WooCommerce that improves your customer experience, customer engagement, and increased conversion rates.

How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page?

In this section, we guide how to create and customize WooCommerce Thank you Page for using a plugin step by step. You must follow these steps.

  1. Install Flux Checkout for WooCommerce.
  2. Customize the thank you page. 

Step 1: Install Flux Checkout

Buy the Flux Checkout for WooCommerce plugin from the Iconic website to get started. After purchase, You’ll receive an email with your plugin.

Follow some steps that will guide you on how to install and activate the plugin.

follow these steps:

  • Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin from your WordPress.
  • Choose the ZIP file containing your downloaded plugin, upload it, and click Activate.
  • After activating this plugin, you’ll show a license activation screen, where you’ll need to verify your purchase.
  • Submit your license key and click on Agree & Activate license.
  • Now your Flux Checkout plugin is successfully activated.

Let’s start to create a Thank you page.

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Step 2: Customize your settings

  • On your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce then Flux Checkout.
  • Then click the General option on the top of the page.
  • Here you’ll see Flux’s options. Here, you’ll be able to adjust general settings.
    • Enabling or disabling address autocomplete.
    • Decide which fields you want to adjust and so on. 
How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page
Image credit goes to Iconicwp

Once your General setting is done then let’s go to the style tab to customize the header option.

  • Here, you can change between Classic and Modern themes of your choice. You can also make specific changes to the header text. 
How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page
Image credit goes to Iconicwp

You can get a detailed style setting in our How to customize the Flux Checkout style guide. With your settings in place, we can now move to customize your thank you page. 

Step 3: How to customize your thank you page

  • Go to WooCommerce > Flux Checkout and click on the Thank You Page tab at the top.  
  • Start by clicking the Enable Thank You Page toggle to switch it on.
iconicwp plugin thankyou page setting
Image credit goes to Iconicwp

In the  Thank You Page tab option, here you customize the Thank you page.

  • Show map – here you click this toggle to display a map showing the customer’s location. This will be automatically disabled if all the products are virtual or not deliverable.
  • Thank you page content – you can add custom text, images, and video here to be displayed on the page. Just below it, you’ll see the Content Placement section, where you can choose where the custom text will be displayed. 
  • Contact Us button URL – here you add your contact us page link.
  • When you’re done, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.  
iconicwp plugin thankyou page customization
Image credit goes to Iconicwp

Now, when a customer completes an order, they will be redirected to the custom thank you page that you created using the Iconic plugin. You can customize this page to make it more personalized and engaging for your customers.

After your thank you page is complete it will show like this:-
Iconicwp designed thankyou page
Flux Checkout Thank You page
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