How to Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress?

How to Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress?

One of our readers recently asked about the possibility of turning on plugin updates in WordPress. In WordPress, plugin updates may be disabled, although there is no valid reason to do so. We’ll show you how to disable plugin updates in WordPress in this article. We’ll also go through why you shouldn’t do it and what the consequences could be if you do.

Why You Shouldn’t Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress?

Many WordPress users fear that updating their plugins will break their site. If you’re utilizing the top WordPress plugins and a standard-compliant WordPress theme, there’s a little chance how an upgrade will break your site.

Plugin updates not only add new features, but also patch security vulnerabilities, improve performance, and fix compatibility issues with the latest or upcoming WordPress versions.

By updating plugins, you are placing your WordPress site’s security and stability at risk.

Some developers want to prevent their clients’ websites from breaking by disabling plugin updates. In most cases, that isn’t a good reason because most client relationships don’t last forever. In that case, you’re handing your clients a website that will be susceptible in the future.

We believe that educating your clients is simply better.

If you still need to disable plugin updates on your site, follow these steps.


Disable All Plugin Updates in WordPress

Installing and activating the Easy Updates Manager plugin is the first step. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more details.

To manage plugin settings, go to Dashboard » Update Options after activation.

Scroll down to the ‘All Plugin Updates’ option under the ‘General’ tab. To turn off all plugin updates, choose ‘Disabled’.

How to Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress?

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

Selectively Disable Updates for Specific Plugins in WordPress

You may also block updates for some WordPress plugins on a basis. This is a slightly better option to turn off all plugin updates.

To do so, go to Dashboard » Update Options and select the Plugins tab. You’ll see a list of all the plugins that were installed on your WordPress site.

How to Disable Plugin Updates in WordPress?

To disable updates for a certain plugin, just click on ‘Disallow Updates’ below it. All WordPress updates, including core, plugin, theme, and translation changes, can be managed with Easy Updates Manager.

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