How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways – 2023

Ways To Fix A Slow WordPress Site: The speed of your website is your first impression on any user. And, as you know, First Impression Is Last Impression, that is, if your website opens slowly in the beginning, then the user will not enjoy your website. Due to this, the user will leave your website, and he will not like to visit your site again.

Website speed affects user experience and ranking on search engines. Because when the website takes more than 3 seconds to load then the visitors leave the ac site continuously. Due to this, the bounce rate of that website increases.

From an SEO point of view, website speed is based on Google Core Web Vitals. In this Ways To Fix A Slow WordPress Site article, we will tell you what is Core Web Vitals, and how this Core Web Vitals update affects the speed of bloggers and websites.

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Why does your website speed matter?

First of all, you have to understand that no one likes a website that is slow. Here we are listing some important reasons why website speed matters:

1. High Speed ​​Ensures Better User Experience

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

We’ve all heard the old saying “the first impression is the last.” And the same concept applies to websites as well.

As mentioned earlier, when a user opens a website for the first time, they expect it to load quickly (within 3 seconds). Keep in mind that first impressions are very important for a website. The speed of the website decides from which perspective the user will see your website.

There is a human tendency to consider a high-speed website to be more reliable and professional. Conversely, a slow website is painful for most users.

Most of the users bounce immediately when the website does not open immediately, that is, they are kicked out of the site, and prefer to go to another site, which has a faster loading speed, to fulfill their needs. This has a negative effect on a slow-loading website.

Research by Kissmetrics also shows that 40% of people abandon a site altogether if it takes more than three seconds to load. That’s why the speed of the website matters a lot.

2. Speed ​​Affects The SEO Ranking of a Website

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Google has made it clear that speed matters the most for every website on the web. Matt Cutts (Former Head of Web Spam at Google) has officially admitted that Google considers high-speed loading as a positive ranking factor.

However, Google has also clarified that in order to increase the speed of web pages, the quality or reliability of the content of the website should not be compromised.

Thus, for websites to rank well on Google, you must ensure that the web page is well suited for fast loading. Because high ranking increases organic traffic, which is very important for the website.

3. Speed ​​Affects Conversions

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Keep in mind that Google also penalizes websites with slow page load speeds. More importantly, users will stop coming back to such sites due to slow page speed. With this, if you have an e-commerce site and you are selling something, then your conversions will be reduced.

For example, if an e-commerce site earns $60,000 per day, it could potentially result in a loss of approximately $1.28 million in revenue each year if your website opens late.

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What is Core Web Vitals Update?

Google’s Core Web Vitals are a set of Update Usability Matrix that measure user experiences visiting websites. These track things like usability metrics, page load speed on the site at the time of site loading, user interactions, and how content appears on web pages.

Google is now launching a new update, Page Experience Update – which will include the Page Experience Ranking Signal in Google search rankings. These signals measure how the user experience was on the web page. An important aspect of your page experience is page speed – when a user clicks on a link on a page, how long does it take for the page to load?

70/100-page speed score is considered fine, but according to Google, you should keep page speed up to 90/100. So we suggest you improve the site speed as soon as possible. So you should improve the speed of your page as soon as possible. So that the traffic of your site keeps increasing.

There are three ranking factors for Google’s main Core Web Vitals:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): How fast does the page load? It depends on your web images, videos, and text. Page load times can also be affected by your server time, your CMS, and JavaScript. Therefore, to fix the page speed, avoid uploading heavy images, videos, etc.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): How quickly does the page of a site on the Internet get stabilized? Have you ever while visiting a site on your mobile phone, wait for the page to load, click on a button, and in the last second, it shifts to the next page, and in the next step you can do some other Do things click? Google measures CLS from this Activity.

First Input Delay (FID): FID shows how quickly a page responds when the user clicks something on it. For example, when a user clicks a button or link in an event, how fast can the browser process that input or instruction and generate a result?

How will these updates affect bloggers?

This update will affect all regular search results for both mobile and desktop based on certain criteria.

Bloggers don’t need to worry too much, as Google will still primarily give priority to the website that delivers the best information and content – even if your blog has some lack of page experience.

However, Page Experience will improve your ranking as it will improve the user experience on the site. A better user experience means that the number of visitors to your website will inevitably increase.

5 Ways to Improve Slow WordPress Site and Core Web Vitals:

Above I have explained Core Web Vitals. Hopefully, now you have understood what are the reasons for the slow WordPress site. To increase the speed of a slow WordPress site, it is very important to fix Core Web Vitals.

So let’s know the ways to improve Core Web Vitals:

1. Improve Your Hosting Server’s Response Time

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

The faster your server responds to requests, the better. Site Matrix is ​​greatly improved when the server responds faster.

In contrast, in a website with a complex layout, when the user sends a request to the server, the server takes time to read the complex JavaScript and file of that site, then responds. Therefore, the layout of the website should not be kept complex.

2. choose the best web hosting server

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Many things play a role in your server’s response. In which your hosting service plays the main role. So first of all, upgrade your hosting plan. There are many cheap web hosting services where you get to see the best server response.

If you have high traffic on your website or e-commerce site then upgrade your plan with Cheap Dedicated Server hosting.

Also check how the server is set up, whether your hosting is using Update PHP WordPress, whether you are using SSD or SATA in hardware.


3. Minimize JavaScript (JS) Execution

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

If your Speed ​​Test Report (FID) shows a poor score, it means that your page takes more than 300 milliseconds to open to the user. For this, you should optimize your JavaScript execution by reducing it.

It is also important to use as little memory as possible. Because whenever your site’s code makes a request to the browser, it saves a new memory which blocks JavaScript and can slow down the page.

4. Implement Lazy Loading on your site

If you use images on your site, it is necessary to implement Lazy Loading. So that the UX (User Experience) and main web score of your site are not harmed.

5. Lazy Loading

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Usually, when you open a web page, the entire webpage content gets loaded at once, but when you use Lazy Loading, only that DOM (Document Object Model) image is loaded, then as you use As you scroll, your image will be loaded. This will not load on your server.

Apart from this, there are other benefits of Lazy Loading:

  • Your site’s performance will improve.
  • It will use Bandwidth to a limited extent.
  • It also improves the SEO of your site.
  • This allows your visitors to stay on the page longer, which in turn lowers the bounce rate.

If your site has a poor LCP score, then you should implement Lazy Loading on the site. You can implement Lazy Loading with the help of the optimized Plugin.

Use Optimize and Compress Images

Large-size images are also one of the main reasons for slowing down the site. Because when you use large-size images, your site takes a few seconds to load even after opening. Due to which the content you have also had a problem adjusting with the page.

This increases your LCP score. Therefore, before using the images in the website, compress them and make them 60kb or smaller. Only then upload the image to your site.


Use a CDN:

How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals | Top 5 Ways - 2022

Content Delivery Network is used to load website content quickly. So that the time taken in the request between the user and the server is reduced. When your website loads quickly, it also reduces the bounce rate.

For example, understand that you are a user and you visit our website, then the web hosting of our website redirects your request to the hosting server.

The technology of CDN connects that request to the server nearest to your location. With this, the user can easily access our site.

Cloudflare is one of the most popular Content Delivery Network Provider companies. With its help, you can enable CDN on your website for free.

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Now you must have come to know how slow WordPress site affects your SEO and how to fix it. Apart from this, how to fix in Core Web Vitals. Above I have told you all those methods in How To Fix a Slow WordPress Site And Pass Core Web Vitals. With the help of which you can increase the speed of your website.

So now what is the delay, by applying the appropriate method, speed up your website 100%. This will increase the ranking of your site. And traffic will also increase.

So, friends, I hope that you must have liked this article of ours. And you must have understood all the things told by us. If you still have any kind of questions in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting.

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