How To Improve The Checkout Process?

If you are running an ecommerce website, always matter conversions and sales. I read the research that 80% of customers leave the order after clicking the added to craft button and this causes a loss of $18 billion annually to the e-commerce company.

Customers leave their shopping carts for many reasons:-

  • Charging high shipping cost.
  • Slow delivery.
  • Bad checkout page.

Here I will give some points that are helpful for you, before starting “how to improve the checkout process”, first you understand the benefits of improving the checkout process.

let’s start…

What are the Benefits of Improving the Checkout Process? 🤔

Know what are the benefits of improving the checkout page:-

  • A good checkout page improves customer experience.
  • It improves your conversion rate.
  • Repeat purchases.

How To Improve The Checkout Process?

1. Optimize Your E-commerce Site for Mobile

Do you know, 60% of internet users have access internet via their mobile devices and they shop online. Expert predicts 43% of sales are held on mobile by 2024.

That’s why you should design your ecommerce checkout page mobile-friendly to avoid losing sales. Here I give a website that will help you to check your page is mobile-friendly or not.

Let’s start optimizing your ecommerce site for mobile and fast loading. It affects multiple areas ex:- sales, user experience, SEO, and conversion

A website that loads before one second is 3 times more sales than a website that loads after 5 seconds, so that’s why you should check the speed of the website more than making your website.

Here I add some points that will help you to increase speed.

  • Use some optimizing plugins WP Rocketand Smush:- it compresses heavy files and images for fast loading.
  • Delete unused plugins.
  • Use website cache plugins.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) for fat-loading images.
2. Implement Fast Checkout or One-Click Checkout

Fast Checkout or One-Click Checkout is one of the best ways to increase conversion, it makes your checkout process as easy and fast as possible. This system was developed by amazon and it give a complete edge over competitors until the patent expired in 2017.

If you want to add this type of system to your Woocommerce store, check out this plugin.

3. Make Your Checkout Process Secure

In today’s time, online fraud has become a common thing, and that’s why your first priority is your customer’s security. Do you know that 87% of people check whether the online store is legit before buying anything?

I am adding some security points which will improve the trust in your website.

  • Install or use an SSL certificate.
  • Use a Secured payment system like Paypal or Stripe.
  • Use Trust signals like security badges.
  • Use a Security Plugin like iThemes.
4. Use Social Sign-in to Speed up the Registration
How To Improve The Checkout Process

Allow your customer to sign or register on your site using social sites. This step helps users, connect with a pre-existing account, verify their identity, and collect personal details via their social account. It saves many time or energy for the customer and it improves user experience or helps customers come back to your site.

Want to add this type of feature also watch this video.

video credit goes:- Website Learners.
A Faster Ecommerce Site Sells More

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A Faster Ecommerce Site Sells More
5. Reduce the Number of Form Fields

A website visitor has already made up their mind when they are prepared to make a purchase. Don’t give them a chance to reconsider.

If for some reason you are unable to add one-click checkout on your website, then reduce the number of steps to improve the checkout process. The Baymard Institute discovered that websites with fewer form fields perform better throughout the checkout process.

Here we add some tips you can try:-

  • Add autofill for address and credit card details.
  • Don’t ask the user to create an account on your site. Here you can implement social login.
  • Don’t Ask Your Returning User to fill up the Billing and Shipping Address. Because they don’t want to again fill up these details.
6. Design your Checkout Process

If customers buy any product on your site, they have to navigate the checkout page-and they can’t do that because your site design is not optimized for it.

Here we add some tips you can try:-

  • Use a good responsible Ecommerce theme.
  • Make your button big and responsive.
  • Use the progress bar.

If you want to add a Distraction Free Multi-Step Checkout system check out this plugin and read the steps on how to add it.

Create Seo Friendly Content

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Create Seo Friendly Content

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Every ecommerce site owner main goal is geting new cutsomer to end the checkout process. Customer leave without compliting their order many reasons.

Follwo these 6 steps and improve your check out process, you will see conversions, sales, and income will all quickly grow. 

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