How To Install WordPress In cPanel? (in just 5 min)

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS software, It is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress allows you to host your website. It contains a plugin and a theme system, so you can customize a business website, blog, portfolio website, or online store.

In this post you will learn How To Install WordPress In Cpanel, you follow these steps:-

Let’s start…

How To Install WordPress In cPanel?

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Step 1:- Login to your cPanel.

Login to your hosting cPanel account (for installing WordPress). If you don’t know what’s your cPanel login details please ask your hosting provider.

How To Install WordPress In Cpanel

After login finds the softaculous apps installer section in the cPanel and click the WordPress icon.

Step 2:- Set up WordPress.

After clicking the WordPress icon the softaculous will show you the wordpress overview. Here you click the install button.

After clicking install softaculous is ask you to choose the protocol, If your site has SSL and HTTPS, then you can select https:// and https://www. as protocol then select the domain you want to install WordPress and you need to make sure that the ‘In Directory’ field is blank.

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Then you to add your website information. In the Site name section:- you add your site nameIn the Admin Username section:- you add your site usernameIn the  Password section:- you add your site password and In the Admin Email section:- you add your admin email after every detail is added Scroll down the page click the Install Button.

Note:-  That you may have entered the username and password, save it in a notepad, it will be needed when you log-in the your site.

The rest of the options on the screen are optional. You can now click on the install button to run the installer.

Here you will receive a success message, your installation is finished. Here show you a link to your website and to your WordPress admin link.

If you want to log in to your site future just open the browser type www. your-domain-name/ WP-admin and click enter. Now How To Install WordPress In Cpanel issue is solved. If you face any issues in the installation process you also comment below or email us:- at [email protected].

Now your site is ready If you want to improve your website look I will suggest some theme companies also visit:- Blocksy and Kadence WP.

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