How To Install WordPress In cPanel Without Softaculous? (in just 10 min)

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS software, It is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress allows you to host your website. It contains a plugin and a theme system, so you can customize a business website, blog, portfolio website, or online store.

In this post you will learn how to install WordPress in cPanel without Softaculous, you can follow these steps:-

Let’s start…

How To Install WordPress In cPanel Without Softaculous?

Step 1:- WordPress Install.

Download the latest version of WordPress from the official website.

How To Install WordPress In Cpanel Without Softaculous
Step 2:- Login to your cPanel.

Login to your hosting cPanel account. (for creating a database and uploading wordpress)

How To Install WordPress In cPanel Without Softaculous
Step 3:- Uploading WordPress in cPanel.

After login the panel, Go to Files > File manager and open File manager (in file manager you can store all the website data).

Then go to Public_html and open it. (here we install wordpress)

After opening Public_html click on the Upload option from the cPanel menu bar.

After Uploading the WordPress zip file, right-click on the wordpress zip file and extract it.

Now you can see a pop-up to confirm the location to extract the Zip file. If you are already in the public_html folder, click the extract file(s) button.

Now your files are extracted and a new popup appears showing the extraction results. Click on the Close button. Here you can see, all the files are stored in the default wordpress folder so you can move all folders to the public_html file.

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Open the default folder and click CTRL+A on the keyboard or the Select All button in the top menu (for selecting all files), right-click and click the move option.

Now, the WordPress files are moved successfully from/Public_html/wordpress file to /Public_html/. The next step is to create and configure the database.

Step 4:- Create a New Database.

Every WordPress website runs a MySQL database, so you need a create a new database and its user.

In your cPanel go to Database > click the MySQL Database for creating a new database.

In create new Database section give a database name if you want (for ex:- your site name or your name) and click the Create Database button.

Once Database is created you need a user to access the database, in add new user section give a user name if you want (for ex:- your site name or your name), and click the Create User button.

Once the database and user are created, you need to connect the database to the user click ADD bottom and assign all privileges to the specific user click Make Changes bottom.

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Step 5:- Open your Website.

At this time you installed WordPress cPanel and already created a database but you need to connect your site to WordPress.

Now open your domain name ( on your web browser.

This type of interface is open, here you choose your preferred language and click continue. You will be presented with the next screen on how to connect WordPress to the MySql database, as shown in the image below, and click Let’s go!

This page adds your database name, Username, and Password previously generated. after changes click submit button. note:- don’t change the Database Host and Table Prefix.

Click on the Run Installation button to complete WordPress installation and connect WordPress to the MySQL database.

On this page, you add your website information. In the Site Title section:- you add your site name, In the Username section:- you add your site username, In the Password section:- you add your site password after every detail is added click the Install WordPress Button.

Note:-  That you may have entered the username and password, save it in a notepad, it will be needed when you log-in the your site.

At this step, you have successfully installed WordPress, and you can now log in to your newly installed WordPress. Click Login

here you add the WordPress log-in details you previously generated. Click Login button

Now your site is ready.

If you want to log in to your site future just open the browser type www. your-domain-name/ WP-admin and click enter. Now How To Install WordPress In cPanel Without Softaculous issue is solved. If you face any issues in the installation process you also comment below or email us:- at [email protected].

Now your site is ready If you want to improve your website look I will suggest some theme companies also visit:- Blocksy and Kadence WP.

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