9 Key Steps To Reduce RTO In E-commerce?

What is RTO?

Before you reduce RTO you must know what is RTO, RTO is a type of order that order not reach the customer and the customer returns the product, this order comes to the warehouse.

The RTO held for many reasons just ex:- the order shipped to the wrong address, or Maybe the customer didn’t like what they received. or maybe there was no one there to accept the order. Whatever the reason, RTO orders can be costly for ecommerce companies.

let’s start…

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Why Do Brands Want to Reduce RTO?

If you reduce RTO in your ecommerce business you can save a lot of money. A huge amount of RTO is done by fraud I am explaining this in detail. Some customer order a product, use it for 2-3 days and return the product with a full refund.

This is one issue and the Other issue is some customers order the product and swap it with a broken version they already owned, then they return the broken product. Even while businesses cannot change their bad behavior, Here we suggest some key steps how to reduce RTO in e-commerce.

How To Reduce RTO In E-commerce?

Reducing RTO is helpful for your business and it saves money. Here we add some tips on how business owners reduce RTO.

1. Create a Return Policy

If you have no return policy, also create one because it helps you to manage the returns and exchanges. If you create a return policy on your website, your customer can know when he/she can return and exchange. If you make a return policy on your website then your customer will not do fraud with you and they will check your return policy before buying goods.

2. Focus on Good Quality Product

Keep in mind that your product should be good because if the broad is not good then the customer will repeatedly dislike and return the product. No customer wants a bad-quality product and customers won’t trust your company. So focusing on good quality products and also focusing on good quality shipping materials can help reduce your RTO.

If your packaging is very good then there will be no damage to your product during shipping and the percentage of returns and exchanges of the customer will be very less.

3. Add a Sizing Chart for Clothing

Customer shopping cloth online is normal nowadays, but the customer’s main issue is size of the clothes. At this time may brand use its own size chart system. So you add the size chart option on every single product page that is suitable for the customer. Here I will give an example and suggest a Product Size Chart For WooCommerce plugin (it’s free).

Reduce RTO In E-commerce
This image I have taken from- myntra.com

Customer can allow their own size and measurement before purchasing. This one thing is helps to cut down RTO because if the customer buy clothes of his own size, then the percentage of returns is decreased.

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4. Read Consumer Reviews

If RTO is the main issue of your Ecommon site, then you collect the product review from the customer using an automated email tool. This information will help you to know what decision you can take to reduce the return.

Incentivizing reviews from happy customers can help too. Encourage customers who are happy with a product to provide a Google review with photographs so that other customers may take their opinion before making a purchase on your site.

5. Add Product Video

This point is very important because if your customer watches the detailed video before buying the product, then his understanding about the product features. The video gives detailed information to the customer about how the entire product works and how the product looks.

This step will be very beneficial for you because if the customer has come to know the complete details of the product the return percentage is very less.

Here I will suggest a woocommerce plugin that improves your product showcase and read our blog on how to add it.

6. Always use Post-Purchase Email

After buying the product, you have to be in touch with the customer because they want to know where is the product and where it comes. This update will help to know which timeline the product is shipping. This one mail helps to reduce your RTO. Here I give some post-purchase mail designs.

7. Try to Convert Return Demand to Exchange

If your customer is unsatisfied with the product, he does not like the product and the product looks not good, then instead of returning it, you can suggest a similar product to your customer, which will reduce your RTO and improve your customer trust.

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8. Try Fast Shipping

Every customer wants his product to reach him as soon as possible. If you are a small shop owner and you do not have the option of fast delivery, then you can keep the option of fast setting in some cities, this will increase the sales of your product.

Some companies like Amazon and Flipkart give same-day delivery or 2 days delivery options in some cities in India. Here I suggest an ecommerce product shipping company eshopbox.com and shiprocket.in they give fast shipping services.

9. Provide Order Tracking

Sometimes customers order a product for special events and occasions. if the product deliver after the event the customer does not need this product. here I will suggest trying the fast shipping option.

You can focus on this point:

  • Providing an estimated date or time of delivery to your customer.
  • If the product is delayed in delivery notify your customer.

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RTO is not a small thing, it takes some times. If you want reduce RTO of your website then you will have to do many fundamental changes of your business. 

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