iThemes Reviews Security And WordPress Hosting

iThemes Reviews Security And WordPress Hosting


Get all the tools you would like to create awesome WordPress websites in one bundle. Features:-
2.iThemes Security Pro.
3.Restrict Content Pro.
4.Kadence WP.
5.Sync Pro 25 Sites.
8.Content Upgrades.
9.Landing Pages.
10.iThemes Training.
11.Bonus: +50GB Stash.

iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Reviews Security And WordPress Hosting

Websites get hacked daily. They get crashed by denial-of-service attacks. Malware gets inserted into their files and wreaks havoc.

Before you think that this only happens to popular websites, re-evaluate. hundreds of thousands of small websites and blogs have suffered hacking attacks at least once in many cases, without the owners even knowing about it.

For WordPress websites, security plugins are the most mitigating solutions. They’re to not be taken alone, of course, you usually need a multilayered security approach for it to be anywhere near safe but these plugins can do a lot of the work needed to shield your site. they must thus be considered very carefully.

The iThemes Security plugin is an example of them. It wont to be referred to as the higher WP Security plugin, so some of you may realize it by that name. As you’ll tell from both its old and new names, it’s essentially a plugin aimed toward securing your WordPress website against hacking and other external attacks.

Now, iThemes Security is free. That’s pretty impressive for something that already comes with brute force protection, file change detection, bad user lockout, and online file comparisons. Most free security plugins don’t have these as core features.

However, those that want everything it’s to supply in protection will still need to choose its premium version: iThemes Security Pro. This adds further features like user action logging, two-factor authentication, and iThemes Sync integration something that basically enables you to manage site security remotely.

As more rather than less security is usually better, most of the people serious about protecting their sites are fascinated by the premium version. It costs us $80, though, which for several small website owners or bloggers remains considerable. but, losing your site thanks to a hack attack is also a worse price to pay.

What You Need to Know


  1. Blogger-$80/(Per Year) for 1 website.
  2. Small Business-$127/(Per Year) for 10 websites.
  3. Gold-$199/(Per Year) for Unlimited websites.
iThemes Review: Security And WordPress Hosting


  1. WordPress Brute Force Protection.
  2. File Change Detection.
  3. 404 Detection.
  4. Strong Password Enforcement.
  5. Lock Out Bad Users.
  6. Away Mode.
  7. Hide Login & Admin.
  8. Database Backups.
  9. Email Notifications.
  10. Two-Factor Authentication.
  11. Security Dashboard.
  12. WordPress Security Grade Report.
  13. Malware Scanning.

iThemes WordPress Hosting


  • Personal-$15/month for 2 sites.
  • Freelance-$69/month for 10 sites.
  • Small Business-$119/month for 25 sites.
  • Agency-$209/month for 50 sites.
  • Enterprise-$379/month for 100 sites.
iThemes Security Plugin And WordPress Hosting Review


  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • Third-Party Integration.
  • Regular Reporting.


  1. One-Click WordPress Updates.
  2. Manage Themes & Plugins.
  3. Run Remote WordPress Backups.
  4. Uptime Monitoring.


  1. Prevent WordPress Hacks.
  2. WordPress Security Breaches.
  3. WordPress Malware.
  4. WordPress Brute Force Protection.


  1. Complete WordPress Website Backup.
  2. Scheduled, Automatic Backups.
  3. Store WordPress Backups Off-site.
  4. Restore Your WordPress Website.

WordPress Backup Plugin


  1. Blogger-$80/(Per Year) for 1 website.
  2. Small Business-$127/(Per Year) for 10 websites.
  3. Gold-$199/(Per Year) for Unlimited websites.
iThemes Security Plugin And WordPress Hosting Review


  1. Exclude Files & Database Tables.
  2. WordPress Malware Scan.
  3. WordPress Server Tools.
  4. Serialized Data.
  5. Database Mass Text Replacement.
  6. WordPress Cron Manager.
  7. Interactive Site Directory Map.
  8. Database Scan & Repair.
  9. Customize Backup Storage Limits.
  10. Customize Backup Contents.
  11. Downloadable Backup Zip Files.
  12. Scheduled Backups.
  13. Store Backup Files Remotely.
  14. Instant Email Notifications.
  15. Restore WordPress with ImportBuddy.

What We Like It

1.A lot of features – It really does do a lotto shield your website, so we can’t complain about the lack of coverage with this plugin.

2. Sucuri SiteCheck – this is often actually the software behind iThemes Security Pro’s malware scan, and its scheduling, email notifications, and a 10-point evaluation.

3. Easy setup – Not only does the plugin have a default settings option, but it also lists adjustments and notices in an easy-to-use Security Status overview from the beginning. That way, you’ll just go through an itemized list with “Fix It” buttons when dealing with security problems and settings.

4. Good tutorials section – There’s ample documentation on things like getting started and the way to use its features.

5. High usability – this is often a really user-friendly plugin, with a heavily guided configuration experience and an uncluttered interface. Even beginners will quickly learn the way to create a sense of it.

WordPress Hosting

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