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iThemes is a WordPress theme and plugin company that has recently expanded into hosting. iThemes has partnered with Liquid Web, a hosting provider that provides powerful hosting solutions for any business requirement, to provide small businesses and their smaller budgets with easier yet smarter hosting options. Because iThemes hosts your site directly, it has complete control over and management of the entire process for its customers.

iThemes Reviews

  • Extremely affordable plans
  • Auto WordPress backup plugin built-in
  • Security Pro packages
  • Only the most basic hosting packages are available
  • No live chat or phone support

iThemes at a Glance

Free marketing offer:50% off select plans, Free SSL certificate
Uptime:99.9% guarantee
Website builder:  Yes
Money-back guarantee:30-day money-back guarantee
Price per month: From $15/month (basic plan)

It’s ideal for

  • Website admins
  • Bloggers and freelancers
  • Agencies that work with WordPress sites


iThemes is a web host worth considering because of its great reviews for both hosting and WordPress plugins. The company, which is situated in the United States, is known for producing high-quality WordPress software. In fact, you might have heard of BackupBuddy or iThemes Security, which are now running on nearly 1 million websites.

However, I did thorough research on iThemes site hosting services and discovered some significant flaws that you should be aware of before buying. I also went over the company’s Terms and Conditions and found a few things you won’t like.

The main strengths of iTheme are its powerful WordPress tools and Liquid Web-powered high-performance infrastructure. However, for what you receive, iTheme’s hosting is a bit expensive. In addition, its WordPress plans are not fully managed, and there are a couple of important resource limitations. All of the features that are included in your iThemes hosting plan make it a great value for your money. Here’s what else you get:


BackupBuddy is an iThemes backup plugin for WordPress. It will take care of all of your backups and site restores automatically. Moreover, BackupBuddy makes it simple to migrate and manage your WordPress site at every stage. You also have complete control over your backups, including the ability to schedule automated backups, create off-site backup storage, and do database rollbacks, is packed with features like:

  • Complete WordPress Website Backup
  • Scheduled, Automatic Backups
  • Store WordPress Backups Off-site
  • Restore Your WordPress Website

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes delivers some strong security features for a no-frills service. This security package, which used to be called Better WP Security but is now simply iThemes Security Pro, is packed with features like:

  • Brute force detection
  • Malware scanning
  • File change monitoring
  • User blocking
  • Away mode, even on admin levels
  • Hide pages and URLs for limited access
  • Action logging

And that’s only the start of it. iThemes Security Pro is ranked as the best security solution for WordPress sites, so it’s clear that it’ll be a valuable addition to your website. All of this is supported by email notifications that will notify you of any problems or potential security breaches. It’s a complete and reliable security plugin.

iThemes Sync

Finally, if you manage many WordPress sites, iThemes Sync is a useful tool to have. The nice thing about iThemes is that you may sync up to ten sites for free. If you need more than that, you’ll have to pay for a premium plan. iThemes Sync allows you to update all of your sites at once, manage comments and user activity across several sites, integrate security and other plugins for a fast and trouble-free backup process, and much more. This tool makes it a lot easier to manage several WordPress sites, is packed with features like:

  • One-Click WordPress Updates
  • Manage Themes & Plugins
  • Run Remote WordPress Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring

Users have more freedom, flexibility, and options for what they can do with their WordPress sites and how they can do it now that everything is under one roof.

Pricing and Packages

The price structure of iThemes is really reasonable. The fact that a hosting package costs only $15 per month means that any business can afford it. Customers are billed for their hosting plans on an annual basis, which covers all of the extras included in your plan package (i.e., iThemes Sync, iThemes Security Pro, and iThemes BackupBuddy plugins).

The standard plan (currently the only one offered) allows the user to access 2 websites. Contact a customer service agent if you wish iThemes to host more than two sites. They’ll work with you to design a customized hosting package that meets your company’s needs. We like that iThemes is simple, easy to use, and has a simple price, but it also offers extra options for expanding outwards and upwards as required.

  • Personal-$15/month for 2 sites.
  • Freelance-$69/month for 10 sites.
  • Small Business-$119/month for 25 sites.
  • Agency-$209/month for 50 sites.
  • Enterprise-$379/month for 100 sites.
iThemes Security Plugin And WordPress Hosting Review

Uptime and Performance

The uptime of iThemes is guaranteed at 99.9%. As the company admits, the numbers are off, and iThemes strives to a greater level of uptime, but no one can guarantee 100 % uptime. As a result, iThemes conservatively offers a 99.9% guarantee.

Website Builder Features

Builder is the name of iThemes’ built-in website builder. It provides both DIY and prefab WordPress themes and frameworks for building fully functional and feature-rich websites. iThemes Builder has everything you need, no matter how much or how little you want to be engaged in the design process. It comes with a good page editor, a style manager, and building blocks to help you put your site together.

In addition, iThemes offers a complete web design toolkit that is ideal for beginners. Everything you’ll need to get your WordPress site up and running in style is included in the kit, including:

  • 20+ WordPress plugins
  • 200 customizable themes designed for WordPress
  • 900 hours of WordPress training (that’s hands-on experience)
  • 10+ iThemes Sync Pro sitesLine 1


iThemes knows what it excels at and what it should leave to the pros. Rather of tripping over themselves to provide yet another feature, iThemes opts out of email hosting entirely. It’s all about sticking to the basics, much like everything else about this product. Email hosting services advised by iThemes include partner brands Liquid Web, G-Suite, and Zoho Mail.

Control Panel

Because iThemes plugins do all of the hard work, the entire process is smooth, quick, and simple. The user dashboard is simple to use and allows you to do tasks with only a few clicks. Furthermore, iThemes provides a lot of information and tools on its website to help you in learning more about WordPress and all of the wonderful things you can do with it. There are over 35 eBooks dedicated to all things WordPress in the library, as well as video tutorials that help you through problematic issues.

Help and Support

The customer support team at iThemes is friendly and knowledgeable. So because the staff is based in Oklahoma, you will always speak with someone who speaks your language and understands your issues. The online contact form may be used to contact support. During normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, messages are usually answered within 24 hours.


iThemes Extra Plans and Package

iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Reviews Security And WordPress Hosting

Websites get hacked daily. They get crashed by denial-of-service attacks. Malware gets inserted into their files and wreaks havoc.

Before you think that this only happens to popular websites, re-evaluate. hundreds of thousands of small websites and blogs have suffered hacking attacks at least once in many cases, without the owners even knowing about it.

For WordPress websites, security plugins are the most mitigating solutions. They’re to not be taken alone, of course, you usually need a multilayered security approach for it to be anywhere near safe but these plugins can do a lot of the work needed to shield your site. they must thus be considered very carefully.

The iThemes Security plugin is an example of them. It wont to be referred to as the higher WP Security plugin, so some of you may realize it by that name. As you’ll tell from both its old and new names, it’s essentially a plugin aimed toward securing your WordPress website against hacking and other external attacks.

Now, iThemes Security is free. That’s pretty impressive for something that already comes with brute force protection, file change detection, bad user lockout, and online file comparisons. Most free security plugins don’t have these as core features.

However, those that want everything it’s to supply in protection will still need to choose its premium version: iThemes Security Pro. This adds further features like user action logging, two-factor authentication, and iThemes Sync integration something that basically enables you to manage site security remotely.

As more rather than less security is usually better, most of the people serious about protecting their sites are fascinated by the premium version. It costs us $80, though, which for several small website owners or bloggers remains considerable. but, losing your site thanks to a hack attack is also a worse price to pay.


  1. Blogger-$80/(Per Year) for 1 website.
  2. Small Business-$127/(Per Year) for 10 websites.
  3. Gold-$199/(Per Year) for Unlimited websites.
iThemes Review: Security And WordPress Hosting


  1. WordPress Brute Force Protection.
  2. File Change Detection.
  3. 404 Detection.
  4. Strong Password Enforcement.
  5. Lock Out Bad Users.
  6. Away Mode.
  7. Hide Login & Admin.
  8. Database Backups.
  9. Email Notifications.
  10. Two-Factor Authentication.
  11. Security Dashboard.
  12. WordPress Security Grade Report.
  13. Malware Scanning.

WordPress Backup Plugin

Are you on the search for a WordPress backup plugin? BackupBuddy is one of the most popularly used WordPress backup plugins. We’ll look at what makes BackupBuddy the best WordPress backup plugin in this review. We strongly advise you to set up an automated backup solution for your WordPress site, whether you run a small personal blog or a business website.


  1. Blogger-$80/(Per Year) for 1 website.
  2. Small Business-$127/(Per Year) for 10 websites.
  3. Gold-$199/(Per Year) for Unlimited websites.
iThemes Security Plugin And WordPress Hosting Review


  1. Exclude Files & Database Tables.
  2. WordPress Malware Scan.
  3. WordPress Server Tools.
  4. Serialized Data.
  5. Database Mass Text Replacement.
  6. WordPress Cron Manager.
  7. Interactive Site Directory Map.
  8. Database Scan & Repair.
  9. Customize Backup Storage Limits.
  10. Customize Backup Contents.
  11. Downloadable Backup Zip Files.
  12. Scheduled Backups.
  13. Store Backup Files Remotely.
  14. Instant Email Notifications.
  15. Restore WordPress with ImportBuddy.

Read Full Review: BackupBuddy

iThemes WordPress Themes

Due to the expiration of iThemes’ older themes, the newly acquired Kadence Theme is now the sole theme available.

Fortunately, it’s a very customizable multipurpose theme that can be used to build practically any form of WordPress website.

While iThemes only offers one WordPress theme, Kadence Theme’s flexibility means it’s likely to be a good fit for your website.

There is a free version of Kadence Theme, but a more feature-rich premium version is also available, which can be purchased separately or as part of the iThemes Agency bundle.

What We Like It

1. A lot of features – It really does do a lotto shield your website, so we can’t complain about the lack of coverage with this plugin.

2. Sucuri SiteCheck – this is often actually the software behind iThemes Security Pro’s malware scan, and its scheduling, email notifications, and a 10-point evaluation.

3. Easy setup – Not only does the plugin have a default settings option, but it also lists adjustments and notices in an easy-to-use Security Status overview from the beginning. That way, you’ll just go through an itemized list with “Fix It” buttons when dealing with security problems and settings.

4. Good tutorials section – There’s ample documentation on things like getting started and the way to use its features.

5. High usability – this is often a really user-friendly plugin, with a heavily guided configuration experience and an uncluttered interface. Even beginners will quickly learn the way to create a sense of it.

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For companies looking for a strong and reliable solution for hosting their WordPress sites, iThemes is the ideal option. The system is simple to use for anybody, and at only $25 per month, it is highly affordable, regardless of your budget. The web design toolkit provides users with a multitude of options for customising their site and making it exactly what they want. iThemes is clearly a high-quality brand, with a strong customer service team, free online learning tools, and automatic backup.

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