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Business exclusively needs a sturdy web hosting service to meet the online essentials in today’s competitive world. Liquid Web is one of the many large brand trusts. This company contains advanced solutions, a range of cloud, reseller, dedicated servers, Virtual Private Server(VPS), WordPress server packages with ample amount of flexibility to boost the vogue of National Geographic, Symantec, Eddie Bauer, Home Depot, and Porsche. Liquid Web Hosting lacks a low-cost with enterprise-class service and to shared hosting tiers.

Liquid Web Hosting is a web hosting company completely committed to web and cloud professionals. It focuses on growing business and the designers, agencies, and developers; which then turns into services, applications, and mission-critical sites.

Liquid Web Hosting excels in managing hosting instead of the service’s editor’s choice designation. It goes far beyond simply serving the files far away. It does not house its servers onsite with managed hosting. Despite this, the servers are hosted at a web host’s conservatory. In fact, this type of service is designed with a big business mind.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting is a higher configuration of shared hosting. The Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is a server with significant power and without any high dedicated-server price tag. Its RAM and total storage capacity are best at their low price. Unlike other web hosting servers, Liquid Web charges only for the days you have used the service per month.

The price at the entry-level VPS plan starts at $15 per month for a 12-month plan. This includes 2 GB RAM, 10 TB of monthly data transfer, 40 GB of solid-state drive storage, unlimited emails, and unlimited domains. Its high-end price starts at $115 per month. This plan includes 16 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD storage, and the option to use either server plan, contact Liquid Web.

Plans & Pricing

Linux Plan

Liquid Web Hosting Reviews

Windows Plan

Liquid Web Hosting Reviews

No Shared Web Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting does not provide shared web hosting, which is normally used by small businesses and certain individuals.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web provides Managed WordPress hosting through Nexcess brand starting at a price of $12.67 per month for a single domain. This includes a 15 GB solid-state drive and 2 TB of monthly data transfers. It manages a hosting environment specially designed for installing WordPress and associated plugins. The CMS comes preinstalled. Once you are logged in to your WordPress account, you can create your own pages, posts, and galleries according to your requirement.

Plans & Pricing

4 Months Free

Get 4 Months Free When You Sign Up for any Annual Plan with Code.

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Dedicated Web Hosting

Liquid Web hosting provides you a dedicated web hosting server that taps a server’s full system resources, instead of sharing them with other sites. This company provides well-rounded and managed-level dedicated server packages with outstanding SMB-friendly plans.

Liquid Web’s dedicated server in a variety of configurations. It ranges from a server with 240 GB solid-state drives, 5 TB monthly data transfers, 16 GB RAM to a server with a high-end, single quad-core processor, 32 core processors with 480 GB solid-state drives, 15 TB monthly data transfers, and 128 GB RAM.

Plans & Pricing

US Central Servers (Michigan)

US West Servers (Arizona)

You save 25% for 6 month on the latest intel xeon gold 6226R CPUs

EU Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Cloud Web Hosting

Liquid Web hosting with cloud hosting the resources that need to be operated are shared across multiple servers. It comes in multiple tiers with the CentOS 7 Linux or Windows operating system. It comes in a price range of $265 per month and includes 15 GB RAM, 960 GB storage, and 10 TB monthly data. Its high price plans are $740 per month and it depends on the configuration.

Plan & Pricing

Reseller Web Hosting

Liquid Web hosting has an exclusive web hosting package. Its plans start at $99 per month with an exclusive WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) plugin and instant provisioning. It offers well-rounded reseller plans.

Plan & Pricing

Security Features

Liquid Web Hosting provides a bundle of packages, while others need to purchase as add-ons. It has free nightly backups that safeguard your site from excessive damage. It offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), firewalls, removal and malware scanning, etc.

Excellent Customer Service

Liquid Web hosting provides excellent customer service support. It looks into your problems within 30 mins of your submission of a help desk ticket and in 9 secs if you contact through chat.



Sites Management




Additional Helpful Infomation

Media Relations

Contact: Terry Trout
Phone: 1-800-580-4985
Email: [email protected]

Affiliate Program

Phone: 1-800-580-4985 Ex. 2653
Email: [email protected]

Partner Programs

Phone: 1-866-210-4185
Email: [email protected]

Corporate Address

Liquid Web Inc.
2703 Ena Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917, US

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