Stablehost VPS Hosting Standard Plan (VZ 2GB) (for 30 days)


Stablehost VPS Hosting Standard Plan Features

  • 2048MB Ram.
  • 2 Core CPU.
  • 60 GB Storage.
  • 2 TB Transfer.
  • 1000Mbit Network.
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Stablehost VPS Hosting Standard Plan (VZ 2GB) Common Features

Enterprise Hardware

We run Enterprise level hardware including dual E5-2620, 96 gigs of ram, and pure-SSD hard drives. You won’t find outdated, old, and dying hardware with us.

Industry Expert Support

Have you ever gotten frustrated with outsourced Level 1 support? With us, you’ll be speaking to Level 3 technicians who know the server inside and out.

Virtuozzo and KVM technology

Do you need to install your own operating system? We offer KVM virtual machines at no additional cost.

Multiple Locations

Unlike most, we have three locations where you can host your website. We offer Phoenix, Chicago, and Amsterdam locations at no additional cost.

Stablehost VPS Hosting Standard Plan

Hostguid Expert Score on Stablehost VPS Hosting
  • Features - 90%
  • Security - 86%
  • Easy To Use - 81%
  • Support - 79%
  • Value For Money - 80%

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