Which Cloud Hosting Provider Choose


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud service platform. It is the market leader in the public cloud, with a wide range of cloud-based products and services.

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The Google cloud platform is a collection of Google's public cloud computing services and resources. It specializes in high-computing services such as big data, but it is new to the cloud.

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Benefits of Selecting AWS

1. Ease of Use

2. Incredibly Diverse Array of Tools

3. Unlimited Server Capacity

4. Reliable Encryption & Security

5. Managed IT Services Are Available

Drawbacks of using AWS

1. Billing Can be Confusing

2. Amazon’s EC2 Limits

3. Common Cloud Computing Problems

Benefits of Selecting Google Cloud

1.Outstanding Availability and Uptime

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines

3. Free Uptime Monitoring

4. Leading Global Infrastructure

5. Ease of Setup

Drawbacks of using Google Cloud

1. Limited choice of programming languages

2. Majority of components based on Google proprietary tech; no real control over Virtual Machines

3. Lacks features compared to AWS

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