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Lazy Load Plugin

a3 Lazy Load


a3 Lazy Load is the most famous WordPress plugin specifically dedicated to lazy loading, making it a great option for websites that show a lot of media.



The most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress, Smush, has everything you'll need, including compression, scaling, and, lazy loading, to minimize images from slowing down your page speed.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket


The popular WP Rocket caching plugin's creators also created Lazy Load, a great feature that only allows users to see your photos when they are directly above the fold.

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Speed Up - Lazy Load


If you're looking for the best web hosting for small businesses, Hostinger is a cost-effective and feature-rich choice. The server stack at Hostinger is specifically designed to give the fastest page loads.

Lazy Load for Videos


Websites with a lot of videos may opt to use the free Lazy Load for Videos plugin, which is designed to help videos load more slowly. Any YouTube or Vimeo embed will be replaced with a clickable picture sample, giving your users less time to wait up top.

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