WordPress vs Blogger Which one is best?

Compared to Blogger, WordPress.org is more popular because it offers a greater set of themes and plugins that can be used to modify the design and feel of your website without writing any code. It also enables for that if you know HTML or Java.

What is  WordPress?

Blogger, a free WordPress alternative, has been in service for four years. Although the themes are minimal and make it clear you're using the platform because they are all so similar, they are offered for free.

What is  Blogger?

We compare

Blogger vs WordPress

Which one is best?


WordPress Support E-Commerce website With third-party plugin.

There are so many themes are available in Blogger and WordPress.

Free Themes


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Blogger is free, WordPress free but you need hosting.

Blogger has unlimited storge but WordPress that depends on your hosting plans.


Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop are available in WordPress.

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