What is Managed Hosting?

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting means, when a hosting company handles the setup, administration, management, and support of a server and/or application.

Management services vary from host to host but typically include OS updates and patching, 24/7/365 support, network infrastructure, and hardware management, basic security measures including virus and spam protection, and monitoring and remediation of anything that would affect the performance of the server.

It’s the managed hosting company’s job to make sure their client’s websites and applications stay awake and running in the least time, and these guarantees are typically backed by a Service Level Agreement stating how the managed hosting company will compensate the client if something goes down.

In the same way that you simply work with contractors to scale more efficiently and effectively, you’ll outsource the management of your hosting to eliminate the necessity for in-house hosting infrastructure or experts.

Managed hosting is an efficient choice for:

  1. Small businesses.
  2. Online stores with high traffic.
  3. Online enterprises that require up-to-date security features.
  4. Websites with heavy back-end needs.
  5. A large number of websites manage.
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Why Use Managed Hosting?

Cost Savings

Companies that move their cloud-based operations from their own data centers to those of a managed service provider often reduce their overall cloud costs.


A business can optimize its dedicated server or virtual environment for performance requirements, and quickly make adjustments as required.


Many companies outsource IT functions in order that they can specialize in innovation, rather than devoting precious IT resources to everyday management duties.


As one tenant on a dedicated server, the user has total control over hardware, apps, operating systems, and security.

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Types of Managed Hosting Services

Managed WordPress Hosting

Anyone who runs a site on WordPress knows that it’s an excellent platform. WordPress offers a good sort of templates, plugins, features, and tools that enable small and enormous businesses alike to create professional, functional websites.

That’s why 33% of the internet runs on WordPress.

What is Managed Hosting?

But as you’ll have noticed if you’ve ever run a WordPress site, failing to update one compromised plugin can take the entire site down. So can adding a plugin that isn’t optimized to figure together with your site.

And if you don’t know the tricks to line up secure WordPress hosting, you would possibly also end up handling frequent hacking attempts. Around 91,000 WordPress attacks happen per minute, targeting sites of all sizes.

Why WordPress is fashionable Hackers
Signing up for Managed WordPress significantly reduces all of those concerns, as you recognize your site is going to be found out securely, monitored for suspicious activity, and updated regularly.

At Liquid Web, we automatically update plugins. As a part of that service, we even make a duplicate of your site and test the plugin updates to make sure they won’t crash your site once they’re installed. We also perform daily backups, including a picture Optimization plugin to improve page speed and provide you full access to the server and developer tools like SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. On top of that, we’ve optimized our platform for fast page load speeds using the newest technologies: PHP7, SSL, and Nginx.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Ecommerce may be a booming industry that has forever changed the face of retail. And 22% of the highest 1 million e-commerce sites are built on WooCommerce.

It’s a strong platform that will be wont to build and run eCommerce sites of all sizes. But using WooCommerce managed hosting turns it into a high-octane sales engine.

Stores that use Liquid Web-managed WooCommerce hosting are 2-10 times faster than ones that don’t. The trick is that, while most hosts offer platforms that employment great for cached WordPress sites, we understand that your online store cannot be cached an equivalent way. So we’ve created a platform specifically geared toward helping your store’s load time.

We’ve also put an excellent deal of your time into ensuring our WooCommerce managed offering sets you up for fulfillment from day one with free migration, abandoned cart and page builder plugins, plenty of free themes, mobile optimization, and far more.

We listed many Shared hosting companies’ plans

  • SSD Storage
  • Free Migrations
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Managed Hosting vs Other Hosting

Managed Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Unmanaged Dedicated hosting means your data is hosted on its own individual server, eliminating a number of the security concerns that go with shared hosting. But unless you decide on managed dedicated hosting, you miss out on 24/7 monitoring and support, patching and updates, and every one of the opposite benefits of management.

Once again, it’s a question of how much time and expertise your team has. If you would like to scale back risk and overhead, managed dedicated hosting is usually far better thanks to going than the unmanaged version.

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Managed Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting environments mimic a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment, so it’s technically a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting.

If you would like your environment to run faster, smoother, and more securely with less overhead, managed VPS hosting is the way to go. Cloud Spectator, an independent, third-party cloud analytics firm, benchmarked Liquid Web’s managed cloud products, including managed VPS hosting, against Rackspace, AWS, and Digital Ocean and located Liquid Web’s server performance is up to 200% faster.

When you use our managed VPS hosting, you get free setup and management of Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN), enhanced security, built-in backups, and DDoS attack protection to stay your site or apps running in full steam.

If you’ve got the time and expertise to secure and manage your own hosting 24/7, but don’t want to invest in servers, the general public cloud could also be an honest option for you.

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