What Is The Difference Between VPS And Cloud Hosting?

There are so many miss understandings of “What Is The Difference Between VPS And Cloud Hosting?” in the web hosting industry is now extremely buzzed.

Most people generally tend to ignore the basic distinction between the two. This is a result of people not being aware of the differences between these two web hosting technologies.

With the development of virtualization and remote operations, most established businesses and even startups are increasingly choosing comparable solutions to host their websites.

They are no longer required to own the physical architecture (a CPU with a specific processor, RAM, and storage specifications), the operating system that runs on top of this hardware, and the specific web application (such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and many others, etc.) that will be used to host the website.

That’s not all, though! Additionally, this configuration calls for reliable, redundant power sources and regular maintenance to keep the server functional at all times.

What is VPS Hosting?

What Is The Difference Between VPS And Cloud Hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting, sometimes known as “Private Cloud,” is a set of virtualized servers.

With VPS hosting you’ll still be sharing one physical server, but each user gets a specified set of resources, meaning that other websites on a similar server won’t affect you, unlike with shared hosting. VPS hosting provides a dedicated virtual partition for every user, making sure resources are always available to you. Of course, VPS comes at a higher price than shared hosting.

A VPS partition is similar to having a penthouse, there are many apartments in the building that are similar to it, but you don’t have to share it with anybody else and have everything you need.

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Why Choose VPS Hosting?

  • You’re running a business and decide to expand it in the future.
  • Have a bigger budget and need to take a position on your site.
  • Expect high traffic for your website in the future.


  • VPS hosting grants you root access to your server.
  • More memory and bandwidth, easily scalable.
  • It is not suffering from other sites’ traffic.
  • Much more stable and faster than shared hosting.

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  • Comes at a slightly higher price.
  • Needs technical expertise to manage well.

What is Cloud Hosting?

What Is The Difference Between VPS And Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the best hosting solution available presently. In a short period of time, the technology has already achieved a surprising level of popularity.

In cloud hosting, each server performs a certain set of tasks. In the case that one server crashes, other servers act as backups to provide the necessary resources to ensure the continued availability of hosting services. Your website’s data is spread over several redundancies when it is stored in a cloud hosting system, ensuring that it is always accessible to you and your site visitors.

Cloud hosting generally provides all necessary elements of website management, from cloud services to database management tools. Many providers offer a kind of control panel with a number of features that make creating and maintaining a website easier than ever. These services are created with non-technical users in mind. You may manage your domains, create FTP accounts for remote file transfers, directly modify databases, and do a number of other tasks with cloud hosting. Visit our blog to find out more about how cloud hosting works, and Is Cloud Hosting Good for eCommerce Websites?

Small and big businesses both now realize the necessity and benefit of proper data storage across all industries.

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Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

  • This hosting is beneficial for small companies that experience rapid growth.
  • The customer only pays for the resource or services that are being used.
  • Cloud server allows automatic backup of your data.


  • Automatic access to the latest technology.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Flexibility.


  • Automatic access to the latest technology.
  • The hosting plan is to be more expensive than expected.
  • The potential for cyberattacks.

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The Key Differences between Cloud and VPS Hosting

FeaturesVPS HostingCloud Hosting
Server Deployment and ManagementYesYes
Server Sharing ModelPrivate ServerDedicated Cloud Server
Scalability (auto/manual)YesYes
Low CostYesYes
Pay As You GoNoYes
Instant ProvisioningNoYes (in managed hosting)
PerformanceDepends on the vendorFast
Multiple Data CentersDepends on the vendorYes

Now let’s analyze worldwide on Google Trends! It is obvious that people favor cloud hosting over virtual private server hosting.

Which Server Should I Choose🤔?

VPS hosting is comparatively slower since it assigns a given amount of computing resources to each customer. Therefore, if the sales grow, the system is not able to handle the extra inflow. Simply said, it will crash. The same would be the situation if the server malfunctions.

On the other side, cloud hosting handles the rise in a different way. Under the cloud system, the website is hosted on a pool of unified computer resources. This means simply if one server reaches its optimal dose, a second server is ready to function.

Similarly to this, even if one server goes down, the website will still be available since other servers will keep handling incoming traffic.

Cloud hosting is a great option if you require reliability and strong functionality. Recent price drops in Amazon’s, Google and other companies’ cloud infrastructure highlight the market’s great growth potential. Additionally, it shows how cloud hosting is becoming more affordable.

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