Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate and How Does It Work?

you may wonder. “Why do I need an SSL certificate if my website can run without it?”

When it comes to online activity, security is important – whether for you as a webmaster or for your visitors. SSL is a new security standard that uses advanced encryption to protect data.

We’ll discover what SSL is, what benefits it provides, and how to get an SSL certificate in this post.

Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate and How Does It Work

What is an SSL Certificate and How Does It Work?

Before we go to “why do I need an SSL certificate,” it’s important to know what it is. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol for building a secure connection. It ensures the safety of the data processed during online activity.

It creates a data communication channel that is encrypted. Encryption is a practice for making information only readable to authorized users.

When a user asks for data from a server, or the server wants data from the user, all of the information sent is encrypted and cannot be decoded and read by a third party.


This padlock icon indicates that your website will use a secure connection for all processes, from visitor input to server responses. As a way, it can protect data from theft and misuse.

Because SSL uses both symmetric and asymmetric encryption, breaking an SSL connection is almost impossible.

A public key is used to encrypt a message, whereas a private key is used to decode it when using asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption, on the other hand, employs only public keys for both procedures.

SSL certificates depend on those two cryptographic keys to verify information like the domain and server names, and the location of the server.

How does it work? A server will first deliver a copy of its asymmetric public key. The browser will generate a symmetric session key and encrypt it using the public key once it has received it. The server will next use its private key to decrypt the message. The data transfer can take occur if the symmetric session key is the same.

What makes this safe? A session key is only valid for one session, as the title suggests. In that case, a new session key will be created for the next request.

Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is essential for each website, regardless of its objective. So, why do I need an SSL certificate? Take a look at these benefits:

Better Security

A secure connection is provided by a website that has SSL enabled. During data transfer, all information is encrypted. This prevents any malicious attacks that may take advantage of sensitive information.

Great for Branding

How do you create a good brand? Through trust and credibility.

When considering “why do I need an SSL certificate,” keep in mind that it creates a secure connection for your customers. More clients will feel safe doing business with you if you can guarantee risk-free transactions from top to bottom.

Keep in mind that a data breach would be disastrous for your business brand.

Improved SEO Ranking

As you may know, Google has made HTTPS one of the ranking factors. However, enabling an SSL certificate on your website might have an impact on your search engine ranking.

According to an analysis, SSL-enabled websites take up 50% of the first page results.

More visitors and sales

So, “why do I need an SSL certificate?” is still a question on your mind. Customers will trust your website if you have one. This will result in more sales. In fact, 17% of all cart abandonment is due to a lack of a security guarantee. If you can keep the purchase process safe until the last step, you may see an increase in sales.

Apart from that, SSL security allows you to properly manage consumer data. It’s essential to protect personal details while creating an account. This can convince as many as 34% of skeptical clients to complete a transaction.

Getting an SSL Certificate

We can now go on to learn how to get an SSL certificate for your website now that we’ve addressed the question “why do I need an SSL certificate?”

A Certified Authority (CA) – a trusted entity that manages public keys for data encryption — should issue an SSL certificate. They make certain a company or a user gets a unique certificate for authentication.

There are noted Certified Authorities such as Comodo, Symantec, and GlobalSign. SSL certificates are also available from some hosting companies. An SSL certificate’s cost varies based on the provider.

At Hosguid, listed many WordPress hosting companies plans SSL certificate so you can easily compare many hosting companies hosting packages for your website. It uses 256-bit encryption to the strongest protection and is compatible with 99.9% of browsers Learn more.


“Why do I need an SSL certificate for my website?” is a question we’ve already answered. It helps you to build a secure connection between your site and its visitors.

For all sites, using SSL is highly recommended. It’s a must as long as you collect personal information or collect payments from your visitors.

You need an SSL certificate because of these four reasons:

  • It improves the security of your site.
  • It’s great for branding and trust-building.
  • It improves your search engine optimization (SEO) rating.
  • It can help boost traffic and sales.

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