Why Plagiarism Detection Of A Blog Post Is Important In SEO?

Most of us know that plagiarism is unethical and illegal. But we are unaware of its bad impacts on SEO.

Plagiarism is disowned and rejected worldwide. You cannot survive using plagiarized content anymore. Your work nature, your field, your position, nothing matters in case of plagiarism.

There are heavy fines and penalties if you are found guilty of using someone else content. The nature of the content does not matter. It can be audio, video, image, research paper, blog post, or even school assignments.

In this post, we will be specifically talking about blog posts and articles. How plagiarism can ruin your writing and how harmful it is to your website’s SEO. 

Moreover, we will cover all kinds of plagiarism and how a plagiarism detector can save you from hassle.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of copying someone’s content and using it for your welfare. It is illegal and discouraged by everyone. 

Because taking benefit of others’ hardship is unethical. You can be penalized and punished for using plagiarized content. 

However, the fine or punishment depends on the amount, type, and sensitivity of plagiarized content.

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Types Of Plagiarism.

There are three main types of plagiarism. All are illegal Why Plagiarism Detection Of A Blog Post Is Important In SEO? and punishable? But before getting into them, how can we detect these plagiarism types?

So, the answer is very simple. The only authentic way to highlight or find plagiarism is by employing a plagiarism detector, else you cannot even think of detecting plagiarism.

A plagiarism detector is specifically used to highlight plagiarism of every type but keep it in your mind that this tool only detects plagiarism, and doesn’t remove it.

Now, have a look at the three main types of plagiarism.

Intentional Plagiarism.

When you copy someone’s content or idea and use it in your blog post even after knowing that it is illegal and unethical is called intentional plagiarism. It is the worst type and may cause intense fines and even imprisonment.

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Indirect Plagiarism.

It is the second worse type of plagiarism. It happens when you rewrite or paraphrase someone’s content to use in your blog without checking it with a plagiarism detector. 

Although rewriting or rephrasing is legal and okay but there might be some plagiarized text left in the content after rewriting. 

Therefore, always check for plagiarism with an online plagiarism detector to avoid indirect plagiarism.

Unintentional Plagiarism.

What if you are not familiar with the term plagiarism and you are copying content without getting concerned? 

This situation is known as accidental or unintentional plagiarism. It is also illegal but the fines and punishments are a bit more relaxed than the others. 

Hence, awareness of plagiarism should be given to everyone, especially students.

Importance of Plagiarism Detection in SEO.

Plagiarism detection is very important in terms of the SEO rankings of a blog post. No matter whether it is direct, indirect, or accidental plagiarism. It is equally harmful in SEO.

Google ranking algorithms are now smart enough to detect any sort of plagiarism. Hence, plagiarized content won’t work anymore to get traffic. 

Here are some issues you can face in SEO if your content is plagiarized.

Indexing Issues.

Google would not let plagiarized content to index and shown on search engine result pages. Google wants its users to see unique, authentic, and informative content. 

So, it will never allow someone to post copied content. Because it damages Google’s reputation as well it is against its privacy policies. Hence, plagiarism detection and its removal are very much important for indexation.

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Ranking Issues.

If somehow you succeed to index your plagiarized content. It will never rank. Ranking on the first pages is the ultimate goal of every webmaster. But with plagiarized content, it is not possible.

Assume that a reader finds your content similar to some content he had already seen. It will make a bad impression in the reader’s mind. 

Moreover, it damages your as well as Google’s reputation. It is better to secure a high rank by using original content instead of staying at the last pages of SERP due to plagiarism.

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Rating Drop.

Plagiarized content can drop your rating along with your ranking. Especially if your blog post is an affiliate article. 

The rating of products mentioned in that article will also drop. Continuously uploading and using plagiarized content can affect your domain authority and domain ranking. 

It may also cause an increase in spam scores. Once your spam score has gone up it is very difficult to get it back down. If you are detecting plagiarism before posting, then you are safe no need to worry.

Damage Reputation.

Your website reputation is another metric that google considers in ranking your website. Google can drop your website into its list of spammy or gambling sites. 

Retrieving your website from that spammy list is a very difficult task. Because Google never compromises its reputation. 

Using plagiarized content does not only affect Google’s reputation but also hits yours. Therefore, using a plagiarism detector can save your prestige.

Monetization Issue.

The main focus of bloggers is making revenue through their blog posts. Having AdSense approved on your website can make a lot of money for you. 

But plagiarized content can affect your ads monetization badly. Google can permanently disable your AdSense earnings if you are found guilty of plagiarism. 

This means that plagiarism can also hurt you financially. Henceforth, using a plagiarism detector is compulsory while posting a blog to save your monetization.


We think you have understood plagiarism and its consequences very well, and moreover the importance of plagiarism detection in SEO. There are multiple ways you can avoid plagiarism like:

  • Changing the words with synonyms.
  • Rearranging the sentences.
  • Modifying the paragraphs.
  • Rewriting the text.
  • Using quotation marks.
  • Taking assistance from a paraphraser.

Hope you enjoyed the article and found it fruitful. Thanks for reading!

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